Upset girlfriend about my unsurety of marriage (it.s too early).

Not too long ago, I was talking with my girlfriend of 3 months, and she made a comment about our engagement and marriage photos. I told her that I am glad that I never told her how I was going to propose to her, because she might be the one. She then got upset with me, saying that she felt that I felt unsure, and thought that we were meant to be together. In all honesty, I really want us to get married, but at 3 months, there is still a lot to be learned. I hear one should wait about 2 years before popping the question. In the past, even she has seemed "unsure," saying things like "you never know." So my question is, why did she get upset all of a sudden, and what can I do to "fix the damage?" Thanks

No she seems like she is acting distant. I mean, she hasn't seemed so responsive to my calls and my IM chats. Yet, more slower forms of communication she is still fine on, like emails. I don't know what to do.


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  • You have not done anything wrong and there is nothing to fix.

    3 months in to a relationship is way way to early to be worried or thinking about marriage. Just talk to her and let her know that you love her and that you enjoy being with her. Tell her that it is too early to be thinking about that and explain how you feel.

    It is her who has the problem and is over reacting and she needs to realise that it is too early for anything like that. If she loves you and cares about you she will understand and deal with it.

    Marriage comes in time, when you know the person well, when you know them inside out, how they feel, what makes them happy and sad, when you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with them, but not 3 months in to a relationship.


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  • Fix what damage? Seriously, three months is way too early to even be thinking about marriage. Really I would bring it up and tell her you like her but it's just too soon to be talking about marriage. If she's still hurt than she will get over it and if she doesn't than that's her problem. I would be taken aback if anyone freaked out over what she did.

  • You have not yet made a damage to repair. Be honest with her and make sure she knows you want commitment. explain to her that 3 months is not enough and we should spend more time together. Do not tell her you wanna marry her if you don't really mean it

  • do everything you can to hold on to her if you think you guys have a chance. if its too early then its too early just let her know you want to be with her and that you think you guys shouldnt be rushing things! tell her that the marraige talk will come..lets just be happily dating for now. let her also know that she is secure with you if you indeed feel that way. DO NOT GO WITH JUST YOUR FEELINGS because feelings change but just do those things and I'm hoping she won't crack on you and do something uncalled for because she wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with her.


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  • You don't want to fix anything as you did nothing wrong. If she's that gung ho about getting married she likely cares more about that than she does about you. Watch Love Stinks with French Stewart and listen to some Tom Leykis to set you straight.

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