Married people (couples middle-aged & over): Are you still physically attracted to your spouse?

I’m a young single guy, but I’ve always wondered about this.

You’ve fallen in love together when you were both young, but both of you are now in your later years of life. Do you still find yourself physically attracted towards the other as you did during your younger years? Does it decrease with age? Do you focus more on the person now rather than the body? How does it work? Thanks.

edit grammar: *You fell* in love together...


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  • im 20 but I would still be physcially attracted I would be doing him every night

  • I don't know if this helps since I am not married anymore. I am 39 and I just can't bring myself to date guys my own age. Some do take good care of themselves and I do find them attractive but they are usually taken and they are few and far between.

    So I date younger guys. If I was still married then it would depend on how well he took care of himself. I take really good care of myself in case anyone was wondering if I am a hypocrite.

    But everyone is different.


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