House Wife/working Husband, House Husband/working Wife, both working spouses ....

I have been thinking about this for a bit.

I wouldn't mind being a working wife and having a house Husband. I actually like the sound of that.

[I'm not having kids, so I don't know how that'll work out for me. x D]

What about you? How would you like your relationship to be?

Would you like both of you to work?

Would you like one of you to work?

Would it matter?

Would it just depend on what's going on?

Does it matter?

Yeah, good point, might not be too good for me to have a house husband.

Hmmm ...
What if the husband loses a job, or is disabled, is that the only good reason for the house wife to work?

I am just curious.

I am still learning here. = ]
I like these answers.

It's helping me take into account the seriousness of this.


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  • If you don't have kids, and have a house husband, then either

    1) Your husband is a leech

    2) Your husband will eventually start cheating on you

    The two are not mutually exclusive. What would he do all day? Clean? You really expect him to clean 8 hours a day?

    I am going to have a pretty decent job. I've chosen the right major that has good opportunities.

    I feel like I will probably be the one making more money, unless I score a doctor. We should both work until we have kids, then the one who makes the least amount of money should stop working and raise them until they start going to school, then that spouse can start having at least a part time job again.

    Little kids need a strong parental role to grow up right. Once you have kids, you stop living for yourself and start living for them, so you might as well make every effort to give them the best starting position in life. If you can afford it, that completely means having a stay at home parent for the early years.

    • I won't lie, when I think of house husbands, I think the guy is a lazy leech...sounds bad, but I can't help but think of guys as generally productive people

    • Its not bad! Its true! I mean, a stay at home wife with no kids is pretty much just as big of a leech.

      Having and raising kids might not be a full time job, but its a huge job and reason enough to stay at home. There isn't much else of a reason to without the kids in the equation.

    • I didn't think of it that way... does it ever work that way if the house wife doesn't have kids?

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  • Both of us can work. I don't want kids. I'd want one max and I would put him in daycare if we both were working at the same time.

  • I would both of us work :p

    I wouldn't mind being a stay at home mother as opposed to just being a stay at home wife(doing nothing & driving myself insane), but I would prefer to have my own life.

    I'm also opposed to the idea of him staying home. I think it's lazy and not masculine for the guy to stay home, but that's just ME. I know I'll get hate and questioned over my position, but I can't help how I feel. I know it's a double standard but I'm pretty sure in the Hispanic world it's more common for the males to be the bread winner and the women to take care of the house and kids. It's what I've been exposed to more so than man staying home/woman working.

    That said, I'd prefer we both work.

    • @UPDATE: that's different. I mean, sh*t happens. I'm not going to try to force my disabled husband to work lol

      But if he's without job, surely he'd be searching and not just laying around like a moron

      Mind you, I didn't clarify, but I DO find it leeching even if the woman is a stay at home WIFE(as opposed to mother), so I wouldn't want to do that.

    • Hmmm ... I love your point.

  • House husbands are fine so long as they are willing to work together with you as a team and, communicate openly about how they feel with you working and them being at home. Make sure that you don't flaunt the fact that you're working or use that in a demeaning manner. Communication is key.

  • I would prefer both of us working.