What's the worst state to live in if you're married?

Some states are far too cluttered with single young hot men and women. If you're married and you want to keep your cool and not be so concerned that he/she is cheating, which state would you avoid and why?

  • New York
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  • California
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  • Texas
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  • Florida
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  • Washington D.C.
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  • "Why are you so insecure", "if your partner will cheat, he will cheat no matter what"...


    ...blah blah blah.

    Just answer the damn question, right? So that's what imma do! :)


    Overall, states with a "beach culture" will mean that people are usually gonna be more attractive because of:

    *sunny temperate weather = outdoors more often, people wear more shorts, tank tops, etc. (no need to bundle up much)

    *beach = being in bathing suits is normal in the culture; less ability to "cover up" or lapse your mind from thinking about how your body looks

    *trust me, this myth is no myth; people in temperate weather and beach climates are more sociable and in better moods, thus ppl's positive energy makes them "glow" and they're more attractive


    To me this is between CA and FL. I say FL in the sense of your question is the "worst state".

    FL has more coastline than CA (FL is a peninsula).

    CA has A LOT more diverse climates and terrain (I believe the most in the USA). As far as I know FL doesn't have a lot of mountains or deserts within its borders.

    If I'm not mistaken, FL has a higher average income per capita than CA, therefore people are going to "primp" themselves more, and eat better food/supplements to take care of their health and bodies. There's a direct correlation between average income and average health.


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  • There's an old song that says, "if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife... get an ugly girl to marry you." Truth is, if nobody else wants them, you don't have much competition. But then, you probably don't want them either. See how that works?

    Try marrying a beta with no game and you won't have to worry about him cheating on because he probably won't even be able to get another woman, and he'll probably think you're perfect. You'll probably want a divorce after you get bored in a few years, but with our laws you get to take half his stuff. Just make sure you do it before you get old, ugly or fat, so you can repeat the process with another chump. Otherwise, just marry someone you can trust.

    America is full of obese people and uneffables, but from my personal point of view I'd say California, Texas and Kansas have the hottest women in this nation.

    • No Texas has like 3 fat cities , unless you like obese girls ...

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    • Good to know...lol

    • "Otherwise, just marry someone you can trust." Um, I think that should be Plan A.

  • Id probablly say Cali. but then again hot people are everywhere.

  • I think a better question would be why you'd be concerned about hot men and women if you're married? Anyone who marries for love and purpose won't be cheating. Move to rural Montana then.

    • Yeah that's true but you can't speak for everyone. That's why I figure the question would be kind of interesting.

    • Divorce rate is 50% and everyone wants "more". More money, more house, more car, better looking. It seems people are completely replaceable these days. Women upgrade guys over looks and money and men upgrade women in their 40's and 50's for 20's girls who are hot and just want to use them. It sucks. I mean my parents have been together since their teens and have had a bunch of kids, same goes for my grandparents. Why can't people marry just for love and substance anymore?

    • Tell me about it...I couldn't agree any less.

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  • If you're planning on what state to live in to reduce the chances of your spouse cheating, then I suggest not getting married. However, I'd have to say New York. Just as a guess since people will cheat if they want to cheat regardless of what state they're in. I guess it's because of the night clubs and bars and whatnot. But people will cheat if they want to. Doesn't matter where you live.

  • Worst state to live in huh? Hmmmm, How about. COLORADO!

  • I wouldn't know because I'm not married but I would say Florida.

  • Go for Connecticut, most people are taken in this state, well that is except for me.

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