Doesn't waiting for marriage hurt women?

We all know that current attitudes say, "Wait a bit to get marriage, have a career, etc." Doesn't this hurt women? I was reading that statistics now suggest average is mid to late twenties to get married, which means plenty of people are waiting to early thirties.

What occurred to me was, doesn't this hurt women and not men? Because, a 30 year old guy, if he takes care of himself (not a loser), is now looking better than ever, finally has some financial success, and has gained self-confidence because he has experience. With some practice, he can get women in early or mid twenties.

But a 30 year old women is starting to lose her beauty, and not only that, guys usually date women younger than them, and why would a 30 year old guy date 30 year old women if he can get younger women in their prime? So doesn't that mean women in their thirties have to compete with younger women to get men their own age, or date guys who are at least five years older than them?


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  • I would geuss so, but it just depends on how the woman ages. Women can tell by looking at their mothers and how they age to see how they will, so if marridge is the most important thing to them in life, they can decide if they would rather make something of themselves first or get married and be a wife and mother. Besides, it isn't like either gender gets better with age. That's a rare trait.

    • Yeah, though men have it better as they get older. Men's sex appeal largely is his status, confidence, and ability to talk to women, understand them. Women, it's largely physical beauty.

  • I think it depends in what kind of relationship the man and women are looking for. If the woman is ok with just being an accessory, she may compete with 30 y/o women just on her looks. But, if the woman and man want someone to grow old with and an equal than the man will find an older woman more appealing.

    Superficial relationships work for superficial people

  • it means like men, they are more financially stable, & in their careers before marriage.

    getting married early, interferes with accomplishing goals.

    no one looks _better_ at 30. even men.

    • Yes, they are most likely more financially stable, and have started careers. But are those things guys actually look at? It seems that women value those things in men, along with looks and personality, but don't men primarily go for looks and personality, placing small importance on her career?

    • A lot of men have a lot higher Sexual Market Value at 30 than they do at 23 or whatever, especially because they have confidence and some money, finally.

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