Is this relationship gonna make it?

6 years dating, 6 years married. Recently I cheated on him emotionally with his best friend, never touched him not even a kiss however my marriage was rocky, so was his we bonded over that then he tells me he luvs me we are soul mates, I went about questioning everything for about a week before telling my husband everything. he sees it as cheating period, he has agreed to move past it and we are working on things, I have supported him through every wrong doing in his life and it is rumored that he physically cheated on me in our dating years, something he thoroughly denies, however I am sure its true always trust your gut but at this point I am starting to wonder if he will ever really get over this and move forward, I am trying to be understanding of his feelings but I really feel as if this was not cheating and don;t understand how after everything I have supported him through he can act as if suddenly I am a no good whore or something... frustrating, and I love him but don't wanna waste my time if he doesn't love me enough to get over something I feel is pretty trivial, and no I have never said to him that's its trivial I have been trying to respect that he's going through it and just apologize and be there for him trying so hard to understand him just don't know if he's gonna really get over it and I guess feeling a little tired of being the understanding one always fighting for us while he lets stubbornness so easily come between us


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  • "I love him but don't wanna waste my time if he doesn't love me enough to get over something I feel is pretty trivial"

    Well, that right there is your problem.

    You don't seem to understand what you've done. Personally, I'd consider emotional cheating more hurtful in the end than physical cheating. Don't get me wrong, I'd still kick my woman's ass out in the cold with nothing but her name to keep her warm either way, but it'd hurt me less if it were a purely physical thing.

    Trivial. That's just lovely.


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  • something TRIVIAL? oh man... you really are a piece of work.

    and no, he will never in his life forget that. ever. and if he would have some self-respect he would leave you on the spot.

    emotional cheating is even worse that physical. and with his best friend. my god.

    you two are finished.

    • ouch! maybe your right just tryin to wrap my head around what he is feeling

  • Pfft. You act like he's the one at fault here. Cheating is cheating. The success or failure of this relationship depends on you two putting in the effort to make it work.


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