The guy likes me, but seems to show no interest and tells me he's going to propose to his girlfriend. How does that make sense?

I've been friends with a guy for about a year now. A big part of our friendship is we constantly goof off and torment each other to no end.

He met my sister a few weeks ago when he went with his friend (who is interested in my sister) to mess with my sister at work.

One of the days She took my sister home, my friend tagged along and texted me saying he was coming to my house. I wasn't home, and wasn't going to be home till late, and he was messing with me saying I needed to get home and I was mean because I wasn't.

Turns out, they waited for me to get home so he could see me. We hung out for a few hours, then they left around 9. My sister decided then to tell me that he told his friend he likes me.

I was in complete denial, not thinking that would ever happen or ever be true, and still am. Plus, he has a girlfriend he's had for 6 months.

I was texting him yesterday, and he said "So, I heard your mom thinks we like each other lol" and I sent back, "Yeah, she would think that lol". Then, he decided to tell me a secret: he's proposing to his girlfriend before he gets shipped off for the military, which is in two months.

But yet my sister still says he likes me, and even randomly asked me what I would do if he kissed me.

So the guy likes me, but seems to show no interest and tells me he's going to propose to his girlfriend. How does that make sense?


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  • So he likes you, that does not mean he loves you! You are treating this as if he is saying that he loves you. I would be upset that he was showing interest in you when he has a girlfriend that he professes he wants to marry. This guy sounds like a real dirt bag playing with your emotions while he is dating another girl. I would put him out of your life and move on to be honest. You really don't need this type of guy in your life, especially with the sense of morality that he is clearly showing you that he has ;)

    • Very true :) I only want to be friends with this guy and nothing else. My sister and mother keep pushing about it once they found out, probably because they don't like the guy that I like (for pretty much no reason I might add). But yeah, we're good friends, and all this just don't make sense. And if I'm treating like it like that, I'm sorry, I just haven't really had any guys really like me very often so I guess I treat it strangely.

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  • If what he told you about the girlfriend is true, then I don't quite see the confusion about who he likes?

    • True, but there has to be a reason my sister is randomly asking about what I would do if he kissed me, and a reason she's pushing it more than normal.

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  • Maybe he was trying to see your reaction to him proposing to his girlfriend. It's a cruel way to go about things but I do see the possibility of him being truly interested in you. If he's going to propose to his girlfriend, then I wouldn't even consider the fact of liking him or him liking you.

    • True, I wasn't thinking about that. I don't see him as anything more than a friend, so I would be happy for him if he proposed to his girlfriend.

    • Well not seeing him as anything more than a friend is great because it keeps things from becoming complicated!

    • Haha very true! Plus, I already really like someone and don't want anyone else :)

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