How do you think a child develops under arranged marriages?

I seen arranged marriages where the wife is 5-10 years younger than the husband?

How do you think children develops under those conditions? Anyone had experience?


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  • I've never received a 'confession' from someone in an arranged marriage, nor do I have personal experience.

    Parents picking the partner for their child seems out of world to me. I know it's a custom in a great part of the world and has been one here too.

    I do not think it will be a guaranteed catastrophe, IF the parents are real good psychologists and aren't materialistic. However:

    -It will take time before bonding comes, IF it comes.

    -The age difference seems within reasonable limits IF they're not too young BUT doing my maths:

    Anonymous user (Age:18 to 24) - 10 years= :| That would make the girl seem VERY young, completely immature to me.

    -I can't help concerning the children: too many variables here. I'm not sure an immature mother is ideal for the development of children. :-S

    Sorry that I can't help you better.

    Good luck!

    You may need it.

    • lol, I am not getting married. I was just wondering if a 23 year old might be too immature to be a mom when married against a 32 year old man?

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    • You have the BA. I realized that a 20 something year old is too young to be a mother to multiple kids. Thanks.

    • thnx for the BA!

      Indeed, multiple kids demand attention, a differentiated approach and can give a lot of stress. Not everyone is ready for that at 23.

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  • Well not necessarily 10 years younger, some of them are the same age. And what happens is they arrange the marriage when they are first born and wait till they are 18 for the actual marriage.

    Some of them fall in love as they grow up in high school and just grow up together and some would have no other option but to shut up and stay cause they re afraid of their family. It happens a lot in China, Saudi Arabia, India Sri Lanka etc

    and it hurts the most when the man is very old and marries a much younger girl like 30 years older or something its disgusting and just simply wrong. People should be able to choose who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. And I think its a sort of rape when the man is much older, she would be frightened and helpless..

    I know an indian guy who had to marry a girl his parents chose for him while he was away for business and he was in love with another girl but had to marry her so he doesn't upset his family. Bullsh*t!

    • Your right, if it is like 10 years apart and she is really young, it is almost like rape since she is forced into an arrangement and he wants kids. Argh.. Disgusting.

      Just wondering, in places like India and Sri lanka, do people marry at 18 with arranged marriages or do they marry older?

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    • My friend's parents is 9 years apart, she seems like a pathological liar and I was wondering if it was unhappy marriage.

    • So? what does that have to do with arranged marriges?

  • my parents are 11 years apart and I turned out fine lol and it wasn't an arranged marriage

  • Nothing wrong with that age gap if it was a 20 year old and a 60 65 year old I'd be grossed out

  • i don't think it's such a big deal to have that age gap.


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  • What's your question dude? Is it about arranged marriages or about the age difference?

    • both

    • Pretty much the same as other kids so far as I've seen. Do you have some kind of hypothesis or something?

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