Why is divorce so hard, depressing, and painful?

why is divorce so hard, depressing, and painful?

how did you prevent it?

how did you heal from it?

whether its your personal story or loved one's please share a little.


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  • Well, I have not been through divorce myself, but my husband and I have gone through hell! I almost divorced him at one point, but that changed, he changed and I changed for the better. One of the biggest problems in marriage is communication, most people do not learn to listen to their significant other, they only see things their own way, instead of stepping in the others shoes and walking a mile. Sometimes though marriages are tourn apart due to infedelity, lies, finances, drugs, etc. My husband and I have gone through almost everything, but we have now learned that we are going to go through bad times in our marriage and we will go through good times, and we have to embrace the good and look forward to our future. I highly would recommend counseling or marriage classes to someone who is having trouble in their marriage, it has helped my marriage significantly and through going to classes and counseling I have learned a lot about my husband, and he has learned a lot about me. One more thing, marriage is not a one way street, it is a symbol of eternal love, devotion, and strength and with that, both lovers have to be willing to give it all that they have, until their last breath, love is a choice, it is not self seeking, and it should not hurt or cause you pain, know what you believe in and how far your willing to go for it, because within marriage love has no boundaries.


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