Should I be upset or happy that he spilled the beans, I don't know?

Recently me and my boyfriend got into an argument about the fact that I was going to get another job during the time I'm suppose to go up to my home state and visit him.

He was upset because he thought that I wouldn't be able to come now, but with how flexible managers are now-a-days, they are understandable and respect others' future travels that are already booked. He got mad and he told me flat out that he was mad because he was planning on proposing to me.

I got SO upset because it's a surprise in life, a new turning point, and now I know that the only time I go and visit, I'm getting engaged. I feel like crap that I know, but on the other hand I am happy because I love this dude with all my heart.

I'm anxious because I'm going for 5 days and I don't know how he is planning on proposing to me or if he is just going to catch me off guard or not do it at all now since he spilled the beans. Like should I be mad?, or should I just let it go that he ruined the ultimate surprise and be happy?


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  • He seems a bit immature and impatient but nobody can tell you how to feel.


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  • Sure it's a surprise almost every girl looks forward to, but look at what really matters: you found a guy that loves you for who you are and you love him for who he much so that you want to spend the rest of your lives with each other.

    The will be plenty of time left in your relationship for surprises. For now, keep this can of spilt beans in proper perspective : )

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