hy won't he just say if he wants to be with me or not?

I've been with my boyfriend of almost 5months. In the beginning his mom commented on a FB status, saying he was engaged and wanted to know if he told me. Than yesterday someone got on his FB and messaged me that he's engaged and not in a relationship with me, making it sound like him. When confronted he was confused about what I was talking about...and said he thought we broke up a few days before because I told him I was done with his bullsh*t of not seeing me more. so he thought that meant we were over.

I've been talking to him and asking if he was engaged and I told him he needs to be honest, he said he wasn't and doesn't know why people are saying he's engaged...So I told him how I felt about him and that I do want to be with him, but it was up to him...He keeps saying it's up to me...Also, I only see him once a month. He says it because he works a lot of hrs. sometimes 15hrs since he's a flagger. We live in the same town.

1)Why won't he just say if he wants to be with me or not? (Its confusing for me because just a few weeks ago, when he visited, he said he really does love me.)

2) Should I stay with him or just give up? (maybe just be friends until he has time for a relationship?)

3)Can he be trusted? (He has 290 FB friends and their mostly girls and he keeps adding more.)

4) What's your opinion of this relationship?

Thank you for your help with this. Much appreciated.


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  • First off, you tell him that you want to be exclusive and that everyone should about your relationship. The whole engage thing is a red flag. Personally I believe this is too much drama, I would just leave before investing so much time and feelings. Why does his MOM say that its weird. So you need to talk to him, say you got to be honest your either do or not want to be with me...