Your thoughts on overseas marriage?

I'm curious to glance at a sample of viewpoints regarding overseas marriage. *As a side note, these kinds of marriages have a much higher success rate than traditional meet and greet romance marriages*

Suppose it's a male citizen from a 1st world country marrying a woman from a 3rd world country.

-How do you feel about these kinds of arrangements in general?

-Do you look at the man any differently? If so, how?

-Any other thoughts or views on this relationship or the people involved?

Suppose it's a female citizen from a 1st world country marrying a man from a 3rd world country (MUCH less common).

-Any thoughts or views on this relationship or the people involved?

Please discuss. I'm curious about your views. Why do you think these marriages are more likely to succeed in the long run?

Just figured I'd update.

The reason this question came up in my head is because I know somebody that did this. I don't actually know him all that well as he was a co-worker of my dad's. He's an IT guy, decent looking, and according to my dad he didn't seem to have a problem attracting women.

In this guys case, he chose to marry somebody over-seas partially because he read about them and saw the statistics himself.
He did end up marrying a woman that was from a poor family. The way he did it is he went through an agency that basically got him introduced to a bunch of different women. He kept in contact with two of them, and decided he wanted to marry one of them after taking a long vacation to their country.

His marriage, from what I can tell, has ended up working extremely well. They both love each-other very much. You can tell just by looking at them. They've been together for years.
In any case, I've heard remarks in the past that basically mimicked the stereotypes Izzy was saying below. In this case, the age difference is approximately 8 years difference (she's about 8 years younger than him) and the wealth disparity is there as well.

Some folks threw hate in his direction feeling like he was taking advantage. This always struck me as curious, because honestly I still don't really understand this mentality. I think he did her a favor. He's really good to her.


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  • Wether it's a man or a woman I would always feel the one from the first world was taking advantage of the other. If you look at those couples it's usually an old man with ya pretty young woman or an old woman with a handsome young man. And about the partners I would think they are only in for money and visa

    And more often than not, that is an accurate view. Love marriages are rather rare under those circumstances.

    Of course they last longer for obvious reasons.

    I generally wouldn't oppose overseas marriage as long as both partners are roughly on the same level. Like if you're an American man marrying a European, wealthy Asian or south American woman around your age, I would think it's barley different from marrying an American woman.

    But with some people, I'm sure you will agree it's hard to believe those people are actually in love with each other and instead are exploitng each other

    • Taking advantage or no, IIRC the divorce rates for these marriages rest at about 30%, where the divorce rate for American Men and Women marrying each-other is around 65%.

      Sure, with some people it's hard to believe that they love each-other and are probably just exploiting each-other... but isn't that how it works with normal marriage?

      Not trying to shoot your opinion out of the water, mind you. I'm just trying to figure out where it comes from.

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    • @ update, they're not only sterotypes, there is enough truth in them. Maybe that guy is the exeption. Granted 8 years age difference is not that much. In those agencies it's often men in their 40s dating teenagers.

      And you make it sound as if it was coincidence that she is poor. It's not, whether he knew it or not those agencies set you up with women from poor families only. That's for a reason. In some Asian countries hooking up poor girls with wealthier western men has become a huge buisness

    • And that buisness in it's nature is making profit of the bad situation of people in asia and the desire of men who can't get a wife at home to find a woman. That's taking advantage of people and if he wants to or not, that guy you talked about is part of it.

      Those agencies don't help the sitution in those countries they are making it worse and they are getting profit from it. They have no interest in improving it

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  • I think a great many of them are scams!

  • My only thought is THANK goodness that I'm not desperate enough to do that.

    • Do you believe that desperation is required in order for an arrangement like this to happen?

    • I have no idea, I just know that I'm not compelled to do it in the least. That is really my only thought, I really try not to think about it too much.

      One has to ask why these women don't seek out men in their own country where they were born and raised and their family and friends are. It's a lot to leave behind for a man they don't know at all.

  • I think they're neat; can't help falling for a bride from across the world if that's what they are into.

    I feel like the relationships are successful because women seem to be more traditional around the world - there's a bit of a lesson as to how a woman should treat her husband ( depending on the culture, could be too extreme or just right,) to sort of give a bit of guidance that a lot of women in his 1st world culture may not have. This is what I've heard, there's apparently just less stress and communication errors because something about the women are a tad different than westerinized women.

    • Interesting, so you mostly attribute the success towards the quality of the women?

      I've seen this expressed before as well, and won't take a stance of agreement or disagreement as of yet. When you say "traditional" what aspects are you referring too?

    • Well I heard it has to do with women taking a more submissive position with a higher intention for pleasing / supporting their husbands. A bit more domesticated. See in America, a woman who has that mentality is seen as week or letting men control her - I don't fully think it's healthy for a woman to feel her husband can treat her any kind of way, but you also don't want a situation in which the woman is unyielding due to feministic stigmas.

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  • my parents are not from the same country and its really fun to have two different families with different styles and traditions