What should be the ideal punishment?

I met this girl in my cousin's marriage. I gave her my business card. We had a talk.

After sm time she asked me to marry. I said I was reluctant to accept Because of her low education. I have two professional degrees and two masters. She is having too low education for me even to consider for marriage.

We met at my place couple of times. We had sex. Then she told me one day that she is engaged to a guy who lives in Australia. I was very happy.

After some time she insisted me to marry. I told her that it was pretty clear from the initiation that I just could not marry her.

After some days, I talked with one of her friends who told me that everything that girl told me was lie. She was not engaged to anyone. She also had a blundered past. and the name she told me was also wrong...!

It didn't make much of difference to me Because I, anyway, didn't want to marry her. But how can I leave her unpunished? At least whatever I shared with her was truth. She won't learn a lesson if I leave her unpunished.

Yesterday, I called her and told her that I am ready to marry just to lure her. She is very happy. In fact, on the seventh sky. But still has not cared to tell me the truth.

So what should be the punishment for her, Guys and Girls?

ok...ok...girls...I got you.

Yeah I wanted sex. But I am not a liar.

Thank you very much for your answers :-)

I would have had grudges in absence of your advice.
Question closed. Thank you very much girls.

By punishment, I only meant to expose her lie. On phone call, by personally meeting her or by some other surprise that she is shocked by knowing that I know the truth.

Punishment doesn't always mean beating some one or physical punishment. It can be mental too.

Like in the meeting, some one exposes your lies. You will feel ashamed of it and will avoid such stuff next time. That's it.


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  • Trying to "punish" someone is tacky, time consuming and immature. Just move on and be cautious next time. And don't judge a woman bases on her education. It doesn't mean she's dumb. You need to learn the backstory.

    • Yay best answer :)))

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    • Ahh...no. It was never about revenge. I am too busy to do that. ;-)

      Even if I wanted to marry her, I would not seek revenge. I was just thinking of exposing her by call or in person was the question.

      The thing you said about karma is very true.

      Every debit has to be sattled with credit. You have to pay for dishonesty and crime and will be paid for honesty and good deeds.

    • Yup that's karma for ya.

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  • oh, give her a cubic zirconium ring and in a week or so cut contact completely. Also, if she was lying to you about so much you should really go get yourself checked out at the doctor.. Don't be so trusting with your body!

    • Very True...thanks:-)

  • Dont be psychotic,

    You don't want to marry her, so its of no concern to you- who she's with or not with.

    You wanted Sex. You Sot sex. Why are you looking for reasons to cling to her.. You're being clingy in a twisted way.

    • I just wanted to see if she confess her lie if I accept to marry her. That's it.

  • This whole situation sounds weird, and the fact that you take education into consideration for marriage is also weird. You're making a big deal out of something so strange...

    Why do you need to punish her? Just get her out of your life if you don't approve of her. Stop being strange!

  • Where TF are you from? You sure you got two professional degrees and two masters? Are they legit? Geez man, show some class and just ask her for the truth. Don't play games. She's obviously desperate and you're too egotistical.

    • Yeah M pretty sure I have got those degrees and they are as legit as the breasts hanging on your body. ( I hope you are natural). Show respect and you will get respect.

      I asked for advice. Not anger. Show just stop showing me your F**king attitude. I have whole tonne of mine.

  • This is sick. Both of you are sick. This is a sick game and overall very immature. Stop talking to her. She's psycho and you're just batsh*t crazy.

    • ok lady...I got it. You show me the right way. Actually I wanted to do the same but my ego was a hurdle in letting her go unpunished.

  • WTF.

    You can't fight crazy with crazy.

    You should probably just run far away and pray that you didn't knock her up.

    • Most soothing answer by far. Thank you very much.

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