Thinking about proposing, how much to spend?

My girlfriend and I have talked about getting engaged, but I don't even know where to start. Aside from exactly when, where, how and all that, there's the question of the ring. How much do people spend on engagement rings? I try not to pry and ask my friends how much they've spent on engagement rings so I'm not sure how much anybody I know has spent. I've read the standard is 2 months salary though. I'd be spending close to $15,000 then if that was the case. That seems absolutely ridiculous to me. It's the thought that counts right? That being said though, I'd want a high quality ring, probably with some sort of certification for clarity and all that. I figure that something far less expensive would be alright especially since I already bought a nice house that's plenty big? Is the two months salary rule outdated and nobody expects that anymore?


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  • Don't spend $15,000 on a ring _ that"s crazy! Ask her what kind of style and diamond shape she likes. There are lots of beautiful rings out there that are decently priced. Keep that money for something else like a nice honeymoon.


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  • Wow, you are about ready to propose and you don't know what her feelings are about the ring?

    For me personally, I don't like wearing rings at all, I never wear them for decoration so I really don't want a diamond ring, plus I know people who have tried to resell their diamonds with no luck.

    For me it's not important BUT I'M WEIRD in many ways!

    I guess, if she is the one, you might as well put a ring on it.

    Does she have any best friends you can call up and talk to? That would be understandable.

    • I know that she wants a diamond ring and I know what metal she wants the ring to be. However, the exact ring is up to me. I've talked to my friends and they are all over the spectrum from going overboard and going into bankruptcy or getting something modest. I believe that her closest friends would the same. I know her one really good friend that just proposed to his girlfriend went nuts on a ring. I might just take an average and do something not too modest but not too crazy.

    • Well, just google a list of jewelers in your area. Go to different places and look at some stuff so you get ideas. Just ask the people who work their right? I mean after all it's a big purchase so the employees should be kissing your rear and trying to show you what your options are. Maybe you will see something and it will just strike you as being **THE RIGHT ONE**...just like somehow you know **SHE IS THE RIGHT ONE**

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  • Wow you sound like you need to take a step back take a breath! This is the exact thing I would talk to my friends about. Two months pay, that sounds a little steep but then again I cannot see paying 10 or 20 thousand for a wedding when a J/P works just as well. Hell spend it on the honeymoon. If it is love for you and not your money I don't think the price should matter .Talk to your friends her friends even her co workers CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

    • Thanks, I have talked to friends and they are all over the spectrum. I have friends who would themselves break the bank in a heartbeat for an engagement ring, and then I have friends who would get something very modest. As for her, I know she wants a ring, and I generally know what kind and such, but getting jewelry is something very very foreign to me.