What do you do if marriage is brought up too soon?

This guy I'm dating(for only a little over a week), real nice guy, I like him, enjoy his company, however there was one time he mentioned marriage(with the word "if" thrown in), then today I met his mom(we're doing the whole meet the parents thing as we're officially together, seeing no on else), mentioned marriage and should I become the "wifey". I'm not even sure I'm ready for a relationship like then, just kind of looking for light and fun at the moment, especially this early on...


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  • Many parents are just anxious for grandchildren, and talk up marriage like that, only being half-serious about it. Really, this is between you and your BF, and what anyone else thinks is irrelevant.

    Tell your Boyfriend how you feel: you really like him and are happy that the two of you are together, but that talk of marriage and "forever" is just way too soon for you. Unless he's a total lunkhead, he'll understand.


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  • I usually bring up marriage and kids pretty early on, but making it obvious that it's a future thing and I have no idea yet with whom.

    Those two things are things that break a relationship if you don't see eye to eye on it.

    So maybe your boyfriend did the same thing.

  • Hi, I just met u, and this is kinda crazy,

    but here's my offer,

    lets get married?

  • Too soon! He's gonna end up sending you running away!


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