What are some great upbeat motivating songs?

What are some great upbeat motivating songs?


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  • metalcore bands such as Killswitch engage, and all that remains have very motivating songs

    such as "my curse" by KSE, and "it dwells in me" by ATR

    • Haha, My Curse will make you win at punching through walls =P

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    • But the whole tone of the song is pretty angry, except for the intro.

    • Not really, that's just metal, being dissonant, if you took out all the minor chords and stuff, youd have a really nice lyrical conception

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  • kinda cliche, but fun =]

    "mama mia" - a*teens

    "pump it" & "let's get it started" - black eyed peas

    "piece of me" - britney spears

    "viva la vida" - coldplay

    "love today" - mika

    "maneater" - nelly furtado

    "ceremony" - new order

    "rainy monday" - shiny toy guns

    "spice up your life" "wannabe" "move over" - spice girls

    • Did you know coldplay got sued for that song, I forget who it was, but they did, and I think they lost

    • I don't think they lost because they're still doing the viva la vida tour; it would have been cancelled if they lost a plagiarism case.