I didn't really know the right wording for this question. I was talking to my mom the other day and she said that her and my dad were talking and they asked each other if they would pick each other again and they both said no.

I was always really excited to get married and it always seemed like my parents were really happy but I guess they were just acting. When you're married, does the love last?

Do you love coming home everyday to someone who loves everything about you?

When you see your husband/wife do you get the shivers and know that they love you and are perfect for you?

Or does it all just get old and boring after a few years?


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  • it honestly depends on the marriage. It seems that people whose parents have a healthy relationship tend to be more optimistic about marriage. Since my parents are still in love with each other, I tend to lean towards the optimistic side.

    What your parents did/are may shape your vision of marriage, but it doesn't determine your own future. It is what you make it! :)

    • [It seems that people whose parents have a healthy relationship tend to be more optimistic about marriage.]

      Or if someone lived the marriage of his parents (partly, of course) and it wasn' t that good, he may have learned from it and want to do better.

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  • We met in Oct 1967, married Dec 1971

    Yes, its a long time and REALLY good! I'd do it again, with the same one of course. With another one? I just don't know.

    Boring? That's up to you both.

    An old story, my story:

    The girl I was dating before I met my wife pleased me a lot (I wouldn't have dated her otherwise)

    At one moment I asked her 'How do you think you'll be when you're 40?' (no innocent question! No trap either)

    Answer: 'I will be a distinguished lady'


    A few weeks later, she confessed a big unladylike stupidity. A few weeks later, she was in really big trouble because of it. I helped her out, without any harsh words.

    A few weeks later she met that other guy, flashy, sports car etc. "IT" happened between them and she told me.

    I didn't object or ask, I went to their marriage, without any harsh words .

    That answer was worse to me than what she did afterwards.

    I met my wife a bit later.

    I'm happy right now, I've been happy. My wife is happy too.

    I hope my ex is happy too.

    Not all people are or were. (my dad wasn't) I know sad stories that happened. Lots.

    OUR marriage IS fun. Definitely.

  • It does get old and boring to come home to the same person everyday, however, that is just my opinion. Other people may and probably will feel differently about it. I don't think I could spend my whole life with the same person. I am an individual who craves change and new experiences in my life. Perhaps if I found a partner who was similar in that way, wanting change, we could look for it together and be a couple for a long time.


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  • I'm not married yet, obviously, and marriage is a far away door. I do believe in soulmates, and I want everything that you described up there. The adoration and affection, the passion and the knowlege that against all else, you love them with every fiber of your being. That no matter the obstacles and challanges life gives you, you will entertwine together for forever.

  • Good question. I'm interested in seeing the answers.