My husband always gets upset when I try to talk to him. What am I doing wrong?

my husband always gets upset when I try to talk to him. I try to figure out why he is so jealous over ANY guy that looks or talks to me. I can't ware clothes that show skin. shorts or v-neck tops even if they don't show cleavage. he's always asking me who I'm talking to or what I'm doing and never wants me going anywhere alone. I just found out he had jealousy problems an that he's been cheated on in the past and has chose to drag that baggage into our marriage. I don't no how to confront him that I'm tired of the endless arguing about the stupidest things. I don't think a marriage should be lived this way when you feel that the bad far outweighs the good and you love them to death but can't stand to be in the relationship the way that its going tho you've tried to convey you would like to work on the problems an he just doesn't seem to get it.


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  • Three words... low self esteem. He's been betrayed, and when a man is cheated on it's a blow to his male ego, so now he feels like his sh*t might not work as good as he thought. And that's it.. When a man is emotionally hurt down there! That's it... he will need crazy support and understanding, and professional help. And most men will NOT go see a shrink about his shrinkage.. yup it gets so bad he is impotence at times. This adds to the stress and the jealousy and whatever he can do to beat on his chest and show how manly he is... good luck with the damaged goods... If you stick around and help him, I hope he is worth the hell you are about to endure!


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  • honesty in my experience with jealous guys,it is because they are secretly cheating and accusing you is the way they keep suspicion off themselves...I would find a private investigator,even someone he doesn't know where they can follow him a few times...chances are you will find this to be true,or if not,he has issues that may lead to physically abusing you,this is not normal behavior and it will only get worse.