Very ambiguous about certain elements about getting married?

I am looking at what I have right now and that is I'm engaged BUT

I am getting more and more annoyed as the process goes through

fiance's family has a lot of people and at times I feel that it is overwhelming

he has picked his grooms men and I don't like his selection, but haven't said anything. he implied with his selection that I should pick his sisters but I really don't feel like it. I would rather pick people from my side of the family.

I feel stressed as well because I haven't yet gotten my 2nd job I wanted but he's already planning the wedding...and I don't know, he's not rich. I hate to sound shallow but I find these small details to be a bit overly annoying.

We have dated for half a year and I know we would be cooperative as a team BUT I feel his actions so far, annoy me which rarely happened up until this wedding planning. his whole family is dominating the event or helping out meanwhile I have like NO BODY


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  • Screw weddings! They are a headache and a waste of money! We've got 5000 in a jar and are debating on where to go for our honey moon. We will have a formal dinner celebration and that's it.