Do I give him another day to cool off? Do I try talking to him again later?

ok I hope you can understand this and help I'm really upset about all this and don't know what to do next I'm going nuts. so here it goes. my sons friend has been staying at my house the past couple of weekends and lately causing a lot of problems in the house. constantly trying to get my son in trouble, thinking she should be alowed to get away with any and everything. I bit my tongue on it for while now until the other day when I over heard her say to my son here comes the bitch when I walked into the room and my son telling me he feels he's being pushed off to the side cause of her. she also knows a little to much about sex and we will all be messing around she decides to get on top on my fiance and start bouncing like she's doing something and cuddling on my fiances lap and then looking at me like do you see this like she's trying so hard to do things with a 29 year old and thinks its OK .hes told her that's she has to stop all that that it ain't OK and he ain't with that and she stopped for awhile and is right back to it . so this Saturday she stared off the day with trying to get my son in trouble for things she was doing and all the things we told her she can't be doing again so I told my fiance I think she should stop coming over for awhile and we should let the parents know what's going on, he don't want to tell them cause her household is really messed up where they don't pay her no attention that one of the reasons she likes being at our house and he don't know what they would do to her . but I'm to the point I can't take anymore and am fed up I got kind pissed and said to him so lets just keep letting everything happen and make her think its OK then we really started fighting and he thought I called him a child molester and he got real pissed at me and started punching holes in the walls and throwing sh*t . we didn't talk for the rest of the night the next day (Sunday) we both didn't say noting to each other (which is normal for us sometimes when we fight we won't talk the next day both still needing time to cool off) but now its Monday and I tried talking to him and he told me he wants nottin to do with me or this house because I called him a child molester and I didn't I was just saying she's not understanding that she can't be doing that stuff and she's not listening to us and were not going to saying anything to her parents so were just gonna let her keep thinking its OK to do it and keep letting her think she can keep turning someone else's house upside down . and being disrespectful . so now I don't know what else to do to make him understand that's not what I was saying and get him to stop being mad at me and talk to me to fix this . do I give him another day to cool off do I try talking to him again later I'm lost upset and going crazy over all this . please someone help me on what next step I should take.


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  • How old is your son, how old is his friend?

    • my son is 11 and his friend just turned 13 . my sons father grew up with her uncle that's how they know each other and became friends

    • Kids thus. Don't let them get under your sckin, you're the adult and the boss.

    • yea I know that its just now me and my fiance are fighting over it and that he thinks I called him something that I would never of done and I don't know how to get him to understand that and talk to me about that.

  • Why is this friend of your son, allowed to enter to your home?

    Have you no will power at all?

    Act like a grown up, for pity's sake!

    • i let my sons friends into my home the problem I'm having now is the way she started acting these past 2 weekends and now that it turned me and me fiance to fight like we did . never had problems with her till now.

    • Forbid her from coming into your home. Problem solved.

    • thats already done we both agreed on that but he's still mad and upset at me for thinking him I called him what I didnt

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