Court house weddings

So, my fiance and I are going to be moving in together in the next six months. I'm not the most traditional person, but something I do like is the idea of getting married before living with one another. We stay with each other a lot now, we've been together for two years :) I just want to get married before we move in together. We've been talking about getting married for a while now but now that we have a place its coming sooner then expected. We don't have a lot of money so I was thinking maybe get married this way and if we want an actual wedding we could always renew our vows when we have accumulated more.

If you or someone you know got married this way, about how much did it cost? We live in Ohio.


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  • a court house wedding wouldn't cost very much at all , just fees to get a marriage licence I'm assuming . but keep in mind the true costs of being married to someone are much higher . there is food to buy , bills to pay and cars to gas up . I could list many things its not a cheap arrangement once its all added up

    • We both wok and are saving emergency money up, we're moving in together in February if our house is ready. We make enough just don't really want to waste money on a big wedding when I don't HAVE to have one...maybe eventually I'd like one but right now I'm not to worried about it. We won't be doing this for a few months we're just trying to get everything all figured out...I have the most amazing fiance ;)...just sayin =P

  • Did not cost much at all...I brought a witness and we had to buy a marriage license...cannot remember if we paid the JP anything or not...looks like a SD marriage license costs $40.00...main cost is probably if you decide to buy rings...SD does not require any medical tests or waiting period... link


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