Help! This guy I like offered to my date for a wedding...

So I used to work with this guy for 8 months and in August we stopped working together. (I am 30 he is 24) Before he left the job he had mentioned that he would be my date for this wedding I have coming up. I got his number through a coworker after he left and I only texted him 2 times (for a reason). Well 2 weeks ago I texted him for no reason to say I was going to be in his area and for him to hit me up if he was gonna be out. So he said he would meet me and the future bride for a drink. He didn't end up coming out cause he was at a family wedding and got too drunk lol (he also told me on his own, that he was going by himself to the wedding because he didn't have a girlfriend) but I told him to text me another time when he could actually drive lol... So low and behold, 2 weeks later (last wkend) he hit me up at almost midnight and said he felt bad about the wkend b4 and did I want to chill but I told him I was already in my pajamas and no makeup lol. Before I knew it he was asking if I would be a cuddle buddy to keep him company and something about me coming there and not expecting anything. I told him how about Friday (tomorrow) So now the wedding is not this weekend but next weekend and we are going together but I am freaking out! He is really cute, smart, and funny and when we worked together he always would flirt with me and has told me I have a nice smile, I'm pretty etc. and we would have some get to know you conversations here and there (even a little about relationships) and he even has said before yeah your cool I like you and 2 other times at work he mentioned me coming out when he was going out somewhere but I just played it off...So I have to get some opinions! Do you think he may want to hang out as cuddle buddies to see if he would want more with me? (he did mention in the past yeah, if I ask a girl to hang out and or more than once I'm giving her a chance)


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  • Go out on a short, sweet, date. Take the time to actually get to know him and make sure it's nothing more than a date with the specific intention of it being nothing more than getting to know one another better. I feel that many guys will say or do whatever they think a woman wants to see or hear just to get some. While not all guys are like this, I know that the only way I can let a woman know that I'm after more than that is to have a few dates that don't end up with both of us naked and in bed. I feel that If I spend time actually communicating with a woman then the both of us will have a much better idea of the type of people that we are. Of course maybe my ideas are outdated or just weird lol.


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