If marriage is not about money, then why get married?

I can openly say that marriage is nothing more than a legal and financial union. Once two people choose to enter into a legal contract, they are subject to their state's default marriage partnership rules. That carries very real legal and financial consequences. Take that away, and marriage is nothing more than just two people who are in love and committed to living their lives together doing just that: (1) being in love, (2) perhaps starting a family together, and (3) continue to live together for the remainder of their lives and be committed to each other.

But, two people don't NEED to be "married" in order to do all those things. Yet, they DO NEED to be married in order to create a legal and financial relationship. That's especially beneficial for the partner who earns less income, which is statistically the female partner.

So, if marriage is really not about money, then why not just continue to live together (as opposed to getting married then divorced), be in love, remain together as loving parents for your children (as opposed to getting married then divorced), and if things don't work out, both people walk away with their assets and their future income or earning potential (people should not be able to enjoy the benefits of being together with someone if they're not together with that person anymore)?

Can anyone really make a convincing case for marriage in 2012?


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  • Dude, you are messed up. Marriage is the only way to have sex and please God. Marriage is a contract between Man and God and Woman and God it is not between man and woman. God is Love. So love does not exist for all. A child born without God is missing out on feeling complete.

    Man was born to please his creator and find his way back home. The biblical works have been written with details that matter today. A woman's body has a built in contract called the hymen and if you do any type or research a virgin is worth over 2 million dollar in most parts of the world. Not the sex but the contract with God.

    For one to hear of the Land of Milk and Honey exist and now have it unfold into 4 different countries all with minimum wages of $100,000.00 tax free, free health care, water, electricity and the list goes on. One common thread every child has a father at home and the wives were all virgins at marriage.


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  • i like you.

    the fact is there is *absolutely* no need to get married.


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  • I'm not an advocate of marriage either because I don't feel the need or want to get married but some people do. Some people see it as a sign of commitment and will end a relationship if marriage is not on the cards. Others are religious and cannot fathom the idea of " living in sin". I say if you want to get married then get married if you don't want to then don't but let others live their lives as they see fit

  • Religion may not be a part of your life, but it might be for others, don't be so ignorant.

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