Is marriage necessary?... is he not gonna take me serious later, because I let too much time pass by?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 10 months now, my parents love him and his parents like me... I had a talk w my dad a week ago and he suggested that I get married that he would pay for everything (I'm not pregnant), since I didn't want my sweet 16 (I'm 23), the thing is that me and my boyfriend have never talked about marriage, neither do I feel like I wanna talk about all that now, is too soon, but understand my dad wants the best for me and its afraid that my boyfriend won't take me serious, and he prefers us making things official, but even if we were to talk about having a life together it wouldn't be getting married, but just moving together, cause I know how we both think... I just feel so guilty that I can't make my dad happy, and sometimes I feel as if my man loved me he would've propose already, cause of the things my dad says, and the pressure I feel from him... but then I realize is too soon and we okay the way we are now... but then again its my dad right? (I have never mentioned none of this to my bf)


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  • If you want your boyfriend to propose after 10 months, you're gonna have a bad time


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  • This is your own life.

    I see where your Dad is coming from.

    He is old fashioned.

    He believes before you give a guy any type of benefits he should at least be the one you marry.

    He probably believes in being with one person only, and that being it.

    What your Dad needs to understand is that you are an adult.

    This is your life.

    He may not like every decision you make, but he needs to be accepting of it.

    How would he feel if you rushed to get married, only for it to end in divorce later?

    Marriage is a huge commitment. If you feel it is something you aren't

    ready for, then you should not do it.

    Tell your father you respect his thoughts,

    but you need time to think this all out.