I have no clue on what to do please help me

so me and my feonca have been together since septmber 20th, 2011 and we have been engaged since October 11th, 2012.

we love ach other every much and care for each other alot. we do have our differences.

we tend to ig and argue a lot and disagree. we both have been told by friends and family that they fear that we will not make it. fear that they all could be right!

don't want to lose him but I'm afraid that if things don't change that in the long run we will not last I have no clue wha to do.

it sucks because honestly he is the longest realtionship I've been in that hasn't had a break up longe than one day! its hard for me I truly beleive in my heart that he is the one for me and that he is my true love!

i know that a big reason of our fights and argues happe is the fact that we both are so stubron and have dffernt veiws.

im just stuck on what to do I have no clue. please if you could give me any advice please do.

also just incase you are wondering this isn't the first time I've been engaged, I've been engaged 3 other times in which one of them I lived with the guy.


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  • I have seen this happen to so many couples over the years, even ones that have been together forever. You need to sit down and talk to him, and try to work out what makes you both mad. If you can negotiate with him to try and make some compromises so that you are both as happy as possible without one or the other always getting their way, it may be possible to avoid such arguments.

    There is always room for manoeuvre when you are arguing, but someone has to take a deep breath, think for a moment about how important it is to win the petty argument in question, and back down or talk about their opinion.

    It's harder than it sounds, I know.


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