We rarely see each other. Should I say anything.

The boyfriend and I have been together about 2 years. I work 8-5 m-f and he worked 4p-2am tu-fri. So that left us Sat, Sun and Mon evening to see each other. Now his work told him that he needed to take a "temporary" work schedule. No one knows how long temporary is though. It has been 3 weeks so far.

Last week I saw him Saturday, and Tue eve, Wed we were home but each had diff things to do.

This week I saw him Saturday, Wed eve for about 2 hours. I need more. How to approach or don't say anything? I almost was going to change my work schedule so I could see him more, but he said not to cause it was only temporary. I love him like crazy, and don't want it over, but I need to be able to see him more. We don't see each other at all the other days unless it is maybe an hour when he gets home he wakes me up to just talk for a few minutes.

What to do?


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  • Man up and just accept it. It's temporary.

    • Sorry but I don't just accept it. Its wrong andits bullsh*t

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    • Im a girl...but yes I am pissed. We have gone down to basically seeing each other just Saturdays from 2am sat morning to first thing mon morn and mon nite. Just half a day really cause he gets up at 1pm.

    • That might not have made sense. We would see each other from 2am Saturday to 7am Monday and then 6pm Monday to tues morning. Now all we see each other is Saturday from about 1pm to bedtime Saturday.

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