Your mom hates your girlfriend/wife.

Guys, if you love your wife/gf so much, are you going to follow what your mom wants? to break up/divorce her?

let's say your mom gave you a house, cars, pretty much anything you have right now. your family is well off and your girl is not. but she can't stand her because she is not of the same race. and your girl has a job, takes care of you and your kid, not too good in cooking but trying, don't party with her friends, no vice.

thanks guys


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  • I don't think my mom is like that, but I'd listen to her if she had a genuine reason

    if it was simply about 'race' then there's nothing to discuss as I don't have a problem with race and thus it shouldn't affect me

    (possible losing my mom would be hard, but if I loved this girl a lot then I'd stay with her)

    I wouldn't feel guilty about her giving me a house or a car as those are totally unrelated

    • his mom is always on the phone with him and she wants to know our business. she even talks to me about our sexlife. its really weird. she wants to have a say in our relationship. she attacks my parents because we are not rich and how my parents never gave her son even a cent. she complains that I'm not like her who cooks really good and that my job is not really a job since I sit on my ass all day in an office. that her son should do nothing at home when he gets home from work etc.

    • I guess she just wants to look out for her son, but she's getting crazy about it

    • crazy is an understatement. her other son has cut ties with her. the other sister and law won't talk to her and theyre all the same background. she constantly reminds everybody how she got her two sons houses and cars before getting married and that she can literraly kick us out of our houses if she wants to.

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  • My mom and I are close, and she's a terrific lady. But at the end of the's MY life. And I who choose to love and share it with is up to me...end of story.

    • wow good answer! I need to hear this from my man

  • I hate my mother and she has pushed my entire family to feel the same way. She hates my Girlfriend for no good reason. If I'm well off and have family over for a dinner and my mom still hates my GF, then she can stay home while the rest of the family comes over.

  • If she doesn't like my Girlfriend for a legitimate reason I'd consider it, but if she was my wife I wouldn't leave her

    • We have been together for 7 years and have a child together. He can really just leave me and go home to his mom. but he prefers to suffer with us. he works a blue collar job when he can just sit pretty back home and live in luxury. but his mom doesn't stop. she told me one time when we went to visit her, she told me when her son turns 40, he will get tired of me and leave my ass. that was the most painful thing she ever said to me. she thinks I'm a bad mother and wife. :(

    • Oh well in that situation I couldn't leave you even if I wanted to. Is there any reason his mother could be angry at you?

    • she wants to be her clone. like do it her way or the highway. she's crazy about cleanliness and cooking for her son. but I have my own style and she doesn't approve of it that's why she constantly contradicts me.

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  • Honestly its all about what YOU want. You love your gf/wife right?

    We always want our parents to give approval and to accept who we date/marry and there will always be some reason why our parents don't like them. (age, race, religion, or just plain and simple. You are their child no matter how old you are)

    The point is is what and who makes you happy. I think if you truly love her, then be with her and tell your mom that race doesn't matter to you but that she does.

    I get angry sometimes because so many people disagree with interracial relationships but we are all the same. How does what color, race, language we speak make us better then the others or so different? We are all equal in every way. We weren't created any different. I am a religious person but I won't get into that but if you believe we came from Apes or whatever, were the apes of different creeds? They were all the same! Looked the same and equal.

    So do what your heart desires and tell your mom, you love her and despite how she feels, you will choose her. But assure your mom that your not going anywhere and that you love her too. And you would like her support in the matter. She will not like it at first but she will come around!

    • 7 years and still the same battle

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