Is stopping immigration from Mexico to USA a good thing?

Why are people in the USA trying so hard to stop people from entering the country, using a Border Patrol, fences, and even proposing to use chemicals to kill vegetation along the border so individuals are easily seen? Why don't they just let immigrants in and give them citizenship?

  • People from Mexico should be able to cross and gain citizenship.
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  • People from Mexico should be able to cross, but not given citizenship easily.
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  • People from Mexico should not be able to cross.
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  • I think immigrants should be allowed into the country as long as they do it legally. You can't just walk in and declare yourself a citizen--that's just not how the process works. But it's not an easy process. If it were, maybe more people would do it the legal way.


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  • They are wasting all this money on stopping immigration. Immigrants aren't coming over here for their health, they are coming over here to get jobs. Enforce stricter punishments on companies and businesses who hire the illegals and the problem will decrease dramatically. I don't think they should just be given citizenship because then you would have to let everybody in and that would just cause chaos.

    • I do agree that a better form of prevention would be to punish companies and businesses involved more.

      Why would letting everybody in create chaos?

    • This country barely has enough resources to provide for the millions of people we already have. A lot of Americans don't even have health care or insurance, a mass influx of immigrants would just mess this country up even more.

  • The illegal immigrants are not only from Mexico. There's many from Honduras, EL Salvador, Nicauagua, Doninican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala...the list goes on and on.Everyone wants to be a US citizen. Even with this recession, we are one of the safest, free, and prosperous countries in the world.

    A new concern with immigration is the new mexican war. There is a serious war in mexico right now and we're worried it could spread into the US...Well it kind of already has. Phenix ,Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the US with at least one kidnapping every day and most of it has to do with the Mexican drug war. I have lots of friends from Mexico. One of my friends told me some mexican gang members entered a club with a big bag...and rolled several human heads out of the bag onto the dance's getting pretty serious. There's so much corruption in Mexico, even the Mexican cops are in on it-some are secretly on the "drug" side. Mexico is so dangerous that Americans didn't even go there for spring break this year.

    Besides the money, the US is a little safer-at least we're not in a war on our own soil. At least when we call 911 they police actually come. In Mexico-you can just pay off the police. but now the police are scared of the drug lords because they will (and have been) beheaded if they don't do what they want. People here in the US don't realize how bad it's gotten over there. Hopefully we won't have to send our troops down there. Those people (the drug cartels) are very dangerous...They have their own religion. They worship "el santo muerte" or in english: "the saint of death" basically, they worship the devil.

    • See my comment on weaponzeros answer. most people are not seeing what you are describing. the illegal immigrants around here are paid in cash because they don't have social security cards.

    • They don't see what I'm describing because they don't have to live that kind of life

  • obviously you don't live in a state where it affects you. do some research. how would you like it if your schools spent more money on ESL teachers to teach the illegal immigrants in special classes than they spent on teaching your child who is a citizen? would you like it if your school couldn't pass standardized tests because these kids can't speak, read or write english? would you wonder how the kids are even enrolled in school when you couldn't enroll your child without his/her birth certificate and shot record? how about if your town was 95% hispanic and you couldn't get a job because you're not bilingual? does it bother you that many of them don't want to become citizens or even learn english? why would they need to when they can get what they want without the hassle?

    • What state do you live in?

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    • Why are we entitled to that ?

    • Uh maybe because our parents were taxed on every dollar they earned and spent it in this country instead of sending it home to relatives in mexico. they payed income tax and school tax. they are accountable to the laws of this country. if you committed a crime how long would it be before you were held accountable? how do you hold someone accountable who has no permanent address, no drivers license, no social security card, no green card, no record of birth, no record theyre even in the country?

  • Nah, nobody could stop it anyways. I don't think it's a good thing though cause I think anybody should have the right to live where they want.

    • I very much agree with your answer. I don't think it is right that the US is basically telling people who just want to succeed that they cannot live here because they weren't born here, but people like me are entitled to the 'greatness' of America. I don't really understand.

    • But I do understand the whole drug thing how they are bringing drugs in, but I think most of the people are good people who really want another chance at life can have it. And who are americans to tell who can and can't live here when everyone in America is immigrants except the indians.

    • Very, very true.

  • In my opinion, legal immigration, from wherever, is fine by me. When it's illegal though, that's when I have problems. Because that just hurts the economy, the healthcare system, the education program and it hurts the way that other, legal imiigrants, are percieved.

    Yes, getting the paperwork done can be daunting, but I think that it should always be completed.

  • What you are talking about is not immigration. This people are illegal aliens. They should have to go through the lengths to become a United States citizen just like legal immigrants do.

    • I understand that, but I was mentioning immigration as a broader term meaning anyone who enters the United States. And why do we limit the number of legal immigrants?

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    • Lowered, limiting the number of immigrants. Our involvement in WWII also impacted our perception of the world an immigration, and I can go on a historic spheel about this too. Anti-Semetism and Pearl Harbor (Japanese Internment Camps) led to agreater animosity to different immigrants. As to those of Mexican decent in particular, as noted in California around WWII, when large numbers in thier zoot suits started appearing, there was rampant racism mainly because they were different.

    • Pertaining as to why we still have these quotas (the same that enabled sparse numbers of Jews to enter during WWII...St. Louis anyone?), I cannot say for sure. Though I'm sure you could chalk it up to grandfther clauses and the like. though personally, I think that the U.S. is pretty lenient in who it lets become a legal citizen. But then, that's just me. If you want more detail into how the quotas came about, and not just this briefing, I can tell you more.

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  • Well with the economy the way it is the United States can't really handle the influx of all of the immigrants taking all of the social security, and other income. Yes they are good, and hard workers, and do the jobs 'the white man' doesn't want to, or would never do.

    But why do you think we created laws to stop people from entering our country? I mean laws are meant to be followed. If I were to smuggle drugs, because my son needs money for a life saving operation, is that right, or wrong? Punishable, or not?

    Also why do you think we have regulations, and other system to allow them LEGALLY into the United States. To do background checks, to learn our ways so they don't break the law, etc.

    I mean is that year from learning the laws of the united states, the history, etc really that hard? If all of the American were to ILLEGALLY invade Mexico, and take all of their jobs think they would be doing something about it? I mean I think it's an act of war. Your basically invading another country for what, an extra couple hundred dollars?

    • One big aim of this question is to see what would happen when/if that influx of immigrants occurred. Already, the SS is struggling to keep up. And saying that since the law has been around it should be upheld is just ignorance.

      I cannot stress enough that if they were all given amnesty/citizenship, they couldn't "take" jobs. Being a citizen and having rights, they would no longer be cheaper than an American worker.

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    • We are a free country, and part of that freedom, believe it or not, is the freedom to fail. Going somewhere that sells only $100K+ homes while not having money is a bad decision. Why don't we allow them to make it? And the language problem is a thing called diversity, and we should have some tolerance for other cultures. The world is growing, and that's just something people need to realize.

    • I don't mean they can't make money, I mean it's unreasonable to expect to make that much money in their position. The immigrants usually get the low end jobs.... lawn care, maids, fast food, etc.

      I think we should give them financial aid... i.e. well fair, etc to pay for school, but I don't see how the United States could handle that much money required to fund millions of Immigrants. I mean we need what 4 trillion. Then what another 2 trillion? Not like our allies are going to give us that.

  • Why only Mexico? Why not all the Cubans and Haitians I had to deal with growing up in South Florida who had been living there for years yet did not speak or understand a word of English but because they came over in such large numbers, the local society was actually forced to conform to THEM?

    There's a difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants. There is a reason that they make you have to work for it, why they make you get medical examinations on YOUR dime when you enter the country. There are diseases running rampant in other countries that have been all but eradicated here in the US that are on a rise again because of the illegal immigrants bringing them in.

    And plus, tell me why it's fair that my tax dollars have to go toward assistance programs for immigrants that give them help I never had? Why do they get free plane tickets to go visit their home country whenever they want ON MY DIME? Why is it that even ILLEGAL immigrants sometimes get to stay and have all sorts of monetary assistance that I need and can't get as a TAX PAYING CITIZEN?

    I put money into our government so that I can go tens of thousands of dollars into debt for a college education while an immigrant whos never paid a dime to the US government gets it for free? Tell me how that's fair!

    • While I agree with some of your points-others are flawed. Illegals are not allowed on planes-you have to have a passport to get on a plane, which they obviouslly don't posess:no free plane tickets for them. I'm not sure what money assistance your talking about? How can they get welfare/assistance if they don't even have a SS#? Illegals actually put a lot of money into the system because they pay taxes-and cannot get tax refunds. A lot of Americans take advantage of them and are actually

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    • I think ESOL is BS. My grandmother (who is Puerto Rican) came to the US when she was 16, spoke no english and there was no english as a second language. She speaks english better than I do. I think english as a second language hinders the immigrants-not helps them-it should be taken out of the schools. There may be immigrants waiting to be picked up-but if a cop comes they really need to worry. Here there are like 5 immigrants to one house because people will either not rent to them or make them

    • Twice as much for a small crappy apartment. I have friends who are illegal who don't get paid in cash-and they get taxed taken out of their checks and they will never see that money again-it's just extra money the government gets from them. Sure some companies might pay in cash and that's suspossed to be illegal and they could get in big trouble if the IRS finds out. but some are willing to risk it.

  • I don't think the USA originally anticipated such a rapid influx of humans migrating into the country.

    The immigration system is designed to accommidate the amount of humans that the nation can handle whilst remaining stability.

    People ARE allowed to enter the country. They're just asked to use our immigration system.

    We allow 600,000 immigrants per year.

    I don't think our immigration policy is very unfair in comparison to most other nations.

    I think it's quite reasonable.

    • What do you mean by "amount of humans that the nation can handle whilst remaining stability"? What sort of stability would be upset by a lot of immigrants? Already we have plenty of people that cannot find their place in the country (homeless, unemployed, etc), so is the US already unstable of sorts?

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    • I am saying that we should not prevent immigrants from entering. I keep being told over and over again that the US couldn't handle that many people. Whatever 'chaos' that would happen do to more people than the US can 'handle' is the freedom to fail. If someone thinks they can do well here, let them try. I won't move to a city with no jobs, because I'd fail. But I have the right to try.

    • Not to validate the comparison of moving to another city vs moving to another country,

      But let's speak logistically about it.

      Are you suggesting an open door policy?

      Are you suggesting an open door policy with just Mexico, or the rest of the known world?

      If that's the case, why not just discuss the probablity of Mexico becoming a territory of the U.S?

      And when the doors open, invalidate the efforts of the Mexican Nationals trying to enter the legal way like most other nations.

  • Because immigrants could follow the law and take the citizenship test an become a citizen the legal way, however they choose to disrespect us by sneaking across the border and ignoring our imigration laws.

    Imagine this:

    You're sitting at home when all of a sudden this guy walks in. You say "who are you, & what are you doing?!" And the guy replies "I feel like living here now". You're going to say: "what?! I didn't invite you in. I don't even know who you are!"

    That's what is going on, only on a much larger scale. We didn't invite these people in. We did however OFFER anyone who wants to live here a way to come in legally (by taking the citizenship test) but they said " We're going to barge in without following your policies". We don't even know who these people are (which is why we have an immigration process to begin with). Some of them are drug runners. Some are smuggling terrorists in.

    • I don't think that most immigrants are illegally entering the US because they want to spite us or anything. The process to enter legally isn't particularly an easy one, and maybe it should be.

      As far as drugs and terrorists: The US is quite capable of producing their own 'terrorists' (Timothy McVeigh, for example), and the drug situation is certainly not anything near ideal already. The US doesn't need help from immigrants to have these issues.

  • Yes, I believe it is a good thing (stopping illegal immigration). I could go on for quite some time with a rant, however I don't have time for that right now. I have good reasons though. Illegal immigrants really piss me off. I'd love to live in a different country for a few years, but I couldn't even imagine doing it without following their laws. All the immigrants who come here illegally, it is a metaphorical slap in the face to every US citizen, especially the citizens who are legal immigrants (who I have no problem with).