I say screw them but she wants to keep them.....what should I do?

My fiance and I have been together for three years now I recently proposed a month ago. Since the beginning of our relationship things have been amazing between us, her daughter, our friends, and families.

Well the day I proposed it was on vacation with friends, all whom happen to be married. So this was pretty much a couples vacation and for a few of them it was kinda like a late honeymoon for them. I popped the question at this place called shelly island, which caught everyone by surprise except her daughter who was my partner in crime with setting everything up. Of course she said yes, but I wasn't done. See, over the previous four months I had the little one working as my eyes and ears on what her mommy's favorite things were and what she wanted to do in general.

So once the boat got us all back to our vacation rental, I popped in this dvd I'd made with the little one. Showing the house I'd bought and remodeled for us, the car I'd gotten for my fiance, the little one's first dance class(my fiance wanted to get her in one but couldn't afford it), and the main thing was when the screen showed my buddy who works at one of the local colleges in our area offering my fiance acceptance into the business program at theyre university. See, my fiance became a mother at the age of 20 via being a god parent when her aunt passed away. So she had to put school on hold. So this was the most touching thing for her.

Adding to it I brought down her parents and sisters along with theyre husbands. So as she's watching the video I snuck them in and once it was over she turned around and there they were. She cried her eyes out along with her mom. Finally it was time to surprise the little one, her birthday was the following week so I rented one of those bounce houses for a few hours. Which the guys showed up right on time with the catering crew I had order to serve dinner there on the property.

The meal was amazing an towards the end of it, I turned towards my gorgeous teary eyed fiance and told her we needed to pack. My final surprise was taking her to the florida keys for three days two nights. With that I'd also paid for her sister and her husband along with one of my friends and her husband to come with us as a late wedding gift.

Well apparently this pissed of the three remaining couples. Even though I had paid for everything. Leave them in a two story, eight bedroom home, literally on the beach. Not that, the fridge was full alcohol was well stocked, I'd even set up things for them to enjoy as couple while we were in the keys. My thinking being that it would be like second honeymoon for them all as well, and giving them more space for some serious alone time. So when we got back I was thinking all would be well. Wrong, they were gone leaving a note saying how I was pretty much a a-hole for "ditching" them.

my fiance wants me to see things from they're point and try to be nice and fix things but I didn't do anything wrong I set thing up for everyone to enjoy


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  • wow,Id say this group is a total ungrateful bunch of pompous aholes...all that work and thoughtfulness from your part and all they have to complain about is that they couldn't ALSO hop a ride to the keys with the wonderful man and his new fiance""...I agree with YOU. ,I can see how maybe they would be upset that they couldn't join you there because maybe they enjoy being around you,but they over reacted with the stupid note,NEVER do sh*t for them again,you spent your own money to make everything perfect and they didn't like your end plan since they weren't included in it,wow,people amaze me..they act like you HAD to do all this for them and more,eff them I say

    • I have to add,your fiancee is the luckiest woman in the world,she found an amazing man in her life,i hope she sees that and cherishes you as well,the hell with the other three couples,this is an eye opener for you,u now get to weed out who stays in your life or not,u now see they need to stay at hands length,they expect way too much from you and on your dime,i don't care how much money someone may or may not have ,nobody has the right to take advantage of another..they are dead wrong.

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  • Sounds ungrateful.. You were inviting what would be your maid of honor and best man.. You were engaged and while they were confused maybe disappointed they shouldn't have reacted.. Adults don't react like that they suck it up and maybe say something to you alone after and don't make this time about you! they still had each other which might have been the problem, is their marriage failing?

  • Yeah what the hell, they are the ones who sound like a**holes. You didn't ditch them, you paid for an entire vacation for them...If you feel like the friendships are worth salvaging, maybe you could try talking to them and explain what your intentions were and that you were hurt that they were the ones mad at you after everything you did for them. But if not, whatever, they sound ungrateful


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