How do I deal with my brother with my fiance

Ok so my fiance and brother were talking one day (mind you they don't know each other very well cause my brother don't live to close to me to see him very often) but I had walked away so they could have some guy talk about what ever and I heared my brother say stick one thinking there talking about baseball then I heared my my brother tell my fiance stirck 2 one more screw up coment your gone and won't be in my sisters life so 5 min later I go out to rejoin the conversations and they seemed fine and everything

Well I asked my fiance later on after my brother was gone why he got 2 stricks with my brother and they were really stupid then about a week later I had gone to visit my mom and brother and my brother only said if my fiance makes one more coment like he did he will break up with him for me.

So what should I do to get my brother chill out about my fiance? Or should I just tell him to back off and let it go


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  • Well lets put it this way. Your brother is sticking up for you and MAY have your best interest at heart. However unless you get more details on what was said you have no idea who is in the right.

    From one angle you need to tell your brother to stay out of your personal love life. You are a woman who can make her own choices even if you don't know how to use a proper sentence.

    From another angle your fiance may have disrespected you to your own brother. You either need to address this with your man or dump him. Do not marry a guy who does not respect you even if it feels like your heart will stop.

    In this case get more information and then make a rational not emotional decision on what to do next.

    • The first one was because my fiance had said that even if my fmaily at one point in time would not like him for what ever reason he don't care because my fiances and my love for each other is the only thing that matters and the second one was that my fiance asked my brother 2 be his best best man in our wedding and they had both told me this

    • With this information I would tell say to your brother that you love him and care about him deeply. Feed his ego first thannnn. Tell him to not interfere with your love life again because it is none of his business. (Assuming no abuse or crazy stuff is going on and in that case I would tell everyone haha)

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  • My eyes bleed lol.

    Heres some logic, are you gonna let your brother ruin your love life just because of baseball?

    • they weren't talking baseball but were using baseball terms and I tryd to tell him off but he wouldn't lisson and just yelled at me

  • I'd work on your grammar. It will probably make everything in your life just that much better.

    • Um OK my grammer is just fine but I am on my cellphone and sometimes things by mistake get typed wrong and my life is perfect besides my brother being an ass and this coment made about my grammer thank you very much

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  • Tell your brother where he can stick his strikes and if he wants to stay in your life to chill. he thinks you can't make decisions for yourself, this will prove to him you can.

    • Thanks but I've tried that and he still won't lisson to me he says I don't know how to make the right decistions in life and don't know how to stick up for my self or speek my mind so he told me he's not going to but out of my life even if I try and push him out of my life