Facebook and marriage

So I'm not really dating this girl but I like her a lot and I know she likes me too.

On Facebook she sorta hints at marriage, like she would look at baby pics and ask me to look at them. She would post marriage quotes on her wall and I end up liking them for some reason. She does a lot of this, and I read women give hints about marriage and don't say it directly.

Anyways, is she just teasing me or is she giving me hints for marriage? But we aren;t even dating? Is she nuts? lol


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  • Some women are just REALLY obsessed with marriage. Like I've known a gal or two who's had her whole wedding planned out, practically every detail save for the husband-to-be...

    It could be a phase, maybe she really is dropping hints, maybe she's just really crazy about the idea of being married... unless you communicate a bit more with her you can only keep on looking at her Facebook and guessing. Which usually is NOT a productive way to figure out a relationship.

  • If you aren't even dating, I can't imagine she's hinting that she wants to get married. But maybe she's interested in you and isn't sure if you're looking for a serious/long-term commitment.

    • personally I wanna marry her but I feel as if she's just tricking me because she does that sort of stuff lol...how do I know if she wants a long-term commitment.

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