She really wanted to get married now she's living with a guy and not a priority anymore

i'm left confused my sister was dating guy # one for 5 years and they almost got married and it was a priority for her that they got married , she even bought a wedding dress . but they ended up breaking up last year . now she's dating / living with guy # 2 and marriage is no longer a priority or something even being discussed even though there fast approaching the "common law " marriage rule here where if your living for such a time your considered to be married , she's even trying to sell the old wedding dress .

I'm just left confused over the whole thing ? and wonder why she wanted to get married so bad before and why it isn't a desire anymore . is it common to lose interest in marriage if an engagement falls apart ?


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  • It could be that her priorities changed when the old relationship broke off. Maybe she found that she would rather just be with someone than to spend a lot of money to get married. Marriage can cost a lot, and if their living arrangement is working maybe she doesn't feel the need to get married now.

    Marriage tends to be romanticized to the point where some people let it consume them. People want to wow their guests and spend way too much money. Some people spend over 30 grand on a wedding. That's just one day of their lives. With housing costs rising as well as living expenses it seems kind of silly to spend so much on one day. Maybe she realized that after living with her SO.

    Selling her old wedding dress seems understandable to me. She bought that dress when she was going to marry her ex boyfriend. It's probably got old memories and she would rather forget it. Besides, she can always buy a new dress if she decides to get married to the new guy. Maybe her taste in dresses has changed as well.

    It's hard to know what she is thinking, but the important thing is that she is happy.


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  • Well, only she knows what she's thinking.

    Personally, I dated a guy for 5 years. We wanted to get married, but things didn't work out. After being in 5 year relationship, I realized that I wouldn't even consider marrying someone after only being with them for year. I don't see a year as long enough to really know someone, to really know how compatible you are with that person, or to know if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

    When my last relationship ended, it wasn't that I didn't want to get married ever, but I wasn't going to rush into getting engaged/married to the next guy I dated.

    And likely she wants to sell the old wedding dress because she bought it when she was going to marry the other guy and it reminds her of that failed relationship. Wedding-related stuff is pretty sentimental. A lot of women wouldn't want to wear a wedding dress they brought when they expected to marry one guy when they're getting married to another guy.

  • Maybe she feels differently about it or the guy. I mean maybe she doesn't want to commit yet and her feelings changed. Either way, it's up to her. Maybe she is just happy being with the guy and getting married isn't necessary. Besides, getting married is usually a financial burden. lol.


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