Are there any marriage counselors or divorce mediators on GAG?

If you are a counselor or mediator, how do you feel about your line of work? Do you feel you do it well?

If you have been through marriage counseling or mediation, how did it turn out for you?


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  • I think if somebody was a marriage counselor for a living, they would not be spending their free time on a site like this.

    • Why do you think that, if you don't mind my asking?

    • A lot of people are here because they have relationship problems of some sort or another. A marriage counselor spends all day getting paid to fix peoples relationship problems. Who unwinds from their job by doing their job at home, for free?

    • Ah, yeah. Good point. Bringing your work home with you is never a good idea, especially in a job that involves conflict.

  • Bad, turned out bad.

    • I'm very sorry to hear that. I used to be a security guard at the probation office. They would have mediations there. Some of them got...loud.

    • Not that bad! Oh my. YES, stuff like this is definitely a cold shower in the fantasy of happily ever after.

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