Is it reasonable for me to be annoyed?

So my boyfriend was invited to my relative's wedding (not just a +1 but my relative sent him an invitation because she legitimately wanted him there)-granted, he has only met this relative once, maybe twice? If I was personally invited to a relative of his' wedding whom I had only met once or twice, regardless, I would give them a gift. Maybe only like $30, because I'm a college student with a part-time job, and because I wouldn't know them very well.

Well my boyfriend asked me what he should get them..and I'm not going to TELL him what to buy and how much to spend, because I feel that is something he should just we kept going back and forth and then I just said I will give them a gift 'from both of us', which I don't mind because we are a couple, but he just said okay and didn't even offer to pitch in. I would decline if he offered but the fact that he didn't offer, when he was personally invited to the wedding, kind of annoys me. Like I wouldn't go to anyone's wedding without bringing a little something...Is it understandable to be annoyed or should I just forget about it and move on?


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  • You said you'd give a gift from both, and are now pissed.

    Don't offer things you don't mean.

    While she may have sent him a separate invite, gifts from couples are still common.

    Precedent set - he's covering gifts for his relatives from 'the two of you".

    • Well it's not necessarily the gift from both that I'm pissed about, just that he didn't offer to pitch in. Even if there is a precedent set now, if I am in the future personally invited to his relative's wedding, I would at least offer to pitch in a little bit so it's not like I'm attending just for the free food or something. But whatever so basically I should probably just forget about it?

    • Yes.

      In future, don't suggest stuff you'll feel resentful for if they accept.

      Its a bad habit a -lot- of us have.

  • You should always choose your battles. This one is the wrong choice. I guarantee he's not going to the wedding because he WANTS to...he's going to please you. You should be appreciative of that.

    • Yes good point. That puts it a bit into perspective. Thank you

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