Why does he bring up the future a lot?

So I've been dating this guy, it hasn't even been 2 weeks just quite yet. Anyways, he always brings up the future every time we talk. Not like marriage and kids, but like the summer etc.(well go here and there, you got me now) So is this common with guys or what?


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  • he's happy to have a girlfriend so he's thinking about all the things that couples do that he couldn't do before and that now he will be able to do with you since you're together. I'm the same, I always want to be in a relationship so I'm so excited when I think of how sad it was when I was single and all the opportunities that are open to me now that I have a girlfriend.

  • He brings up the future because he imagines a future with you.

    he's probably insecure and/or infatuated.

    • Oh please. A guy isn't allowed to seek a long term relationship or something?

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