The shooting in ct and other stuff?

So as most of you have heard there was a shooting in ct. I find this to be very disturbing. I live in ct and I can't believe it. It happened in newton, ct. That's about 15 min from my job. Schools around the area were on lock down. How can you kill 20 kids. I will never understand this. I mean killing anyone is bad, but kids

Lately the crime rate in ct has been rising and towns that are known for being EXTREMELY safe and wealthy are having the most violent crimes

- a man killed his wife (wealthy town)

- a husband and wife shot each other in the face

- prostuites at a nail salon (wealthy town)

Towns like darien, Wilton, newton are turning bad?

I still can't get over the shooting in newton though. I really will never understand why the shooter did it. It makes me mad as much as sad. It's so disturbing.this is more of a vent. Sorry

But can someone explain his possible mental health


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  • this shocked me as well... I mean, these kids were in can you kill a five-year-old? let alone another person... I mean, apparently the shooter was developmentally disabled, had a grudge against his mother and brother. maybe he was on prescription medications as well... his behavior went above and beyond getting retaliation. honestly, I think it's a mixture of people having poor self-control and relying too much on things like prozac and paxil and other anti-depressants that can have really messed up side effects. I was listening to the news and some guy was talking about the shooter having illusions of grandiosity, getting revenge on a grand scale to make more of an impact. at the end of the day, what he did was sick. I can somewhat understand him getting revenge on his mother- but killing those kids? no way. I can't imagine what the parents are going through... you drop off your kids at school- you shouldn't have to worry about whether they're going to be coming home alive. my dad used to tell me to always be watchful of people because god made snakes, sharks, and lions and they'll never change. but people can become snakes, they can turn into sharks and lions too. you can never tell what a person is capable of doing.

    • I agree. When you look at a parents and childs relationship or a more emotional attached relationship there are more reasons or more motives just because of the emotional attachment. I can understand his mom thing, even though its so wrong. The kids though? I will never understand? Maybe he did it because the mom loved those kids? I don't know I really don't

      I thought that too. Maybe he was a schizphoric or had some sort of paranoia, and revengeful heart

    • He shot his mom in the face then drove to the school to shoot the kids she taught. I think he just wanted to destroy something. like really wreck people. just the way he was wrecked by his own family. it's so sad. I'm not a religious person, but I had to pray for those kids. they didn't get a chance to do...anything :/

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  • As I commented on another question relating to this incident... Guns guns guns!... For me that's all life's about. Our modern video games are all about shooting and killing people (call of duty, hit man etc), our music talks of guns and every modern day action movie has a minimal storyline and is advertised as people running around shooting each other... Life and society is all about guns and the law in America allows guns to be owed legally, so these types of shooting incidents will always happen. Unfortunately, I predicted this would happen after the last shooting incident and it will no doubt happen again... Society promotes guns and inevitably when they fall into the wrong hands, this kind of thing happens. I simply wish the world was gun free and people cared more about one another...

  • There is no explanation for it, people in that mindset don't think the same way a mentally stable person does.

    Whatever was going through his mind wasn't rational and is unexplainable, the problem was in his head, not what tools were available to him.

    • Oh god. This is such a sick world. I heard so many stories about the guy

      I heard his girlfriend and friend are missing and he killedvis father as well

      It's so sick. I just can't understand his mindset.

    • There is nothing to understand, it's not rational at all.

  • I think it's the media's fault. Look at how famous these shooters get, and do you even remember the names of any victims? He'd rather be famous as a monster than never known and forgotten.


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  • There has been a lot of shootings lately. What they identify the suspect as? "He had a tough childhood... His parents are divorced... He was on drugs..." It's always same excuse. Those excuses seem legit indeed, but I think there should be more strict laws regarding those kinds of individuals. I don't fully blame the shooters, because I'm sure they're messed up with a lot of issues in their head. The only way they see an escape is to shoot people and then kill themselves. It's very sad watching the news knowing how poor and innocent kids died. They never hurt anybody. All kids patiently were waiting for Santa Claus.

  • The whole country is turning bad miss.

    • I can't really can't over this. I didn't even lose anyone. This really breaks my heart