Any guys that WOUDLN'T date a virgin who is waiting for marriage? Any that WOULD? Why?

Title says it all...


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  • I waited until marriage and I am glad my wife did too. I would not have dated a girl who treated sex lightly or casually engaged in sex outside of marriage. I would much prefer a girl who thinks marriage is necessary for sex than one who thought otherwise.


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  • When I met girlfriend # 4 she was 18, and prudish, intended to keep her virginity, even avoiding manual sex. Just kissing (she was an excellent kisser!) and stroking above the waist was acceptable to her, looking not. Under the waist, nothing at all. She wouldn't touch me there either.

    I was 19 and my interest dwindled rapidly...(for other reasons too) it lasted a few months.

    When I met my wife she was a virgin, but had no intention staying it until marriage.

    It very much depends on age and when/if you plan to marry.

    I didn't plan to marry soon, she neither (we were 20 and had +3 years of studying ahead) and we both had had our part of forced abstinence.

    Why should one impose forced abstinence, once you're good together? Ridiculous religious fundamentalism: we're no Afghans, Iranians or Saudis, are we?

    • I agreed with you up until you spouted racial intolerance.

    • Nothing to do with race or even religion: I get along quite well with Arabs/Farsi in general and travelled a lot (on my own) in Muslim countries (Morocco, Tunesia, Egypt, Turkey, Palestine) but the religious fanatism (and humiliation of women) in Afghanistan, iran or Saudi Arabia just isn't acceptable to me.

  • My son is 28, and still saving himself for marriage. He would LOVE to find someone who shares his values.

    Good Luck


  • My sex life is too wonderful to leave behind.

  • I wood because if she does not want to have sex until she is married and that is her choice and not mine, plus for me it's not all about sex, I'm in it for the relationship and the girl and also I'm not looking for sex from anybody at this point in my life.

  • I think it'd really depend on the girl if I would date her or not. I mean, it's a big turn off if a girl says she is waiting till marriage. But, eventually, if we really like each other she might change her mind.

  • No. I don't plan on getting married anytime soon so finding a girl and waiting at least 5 years for her isn't going to go well. Sex is an important part of any relationship.


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