She is constantly opening my husband's mail!

My husband and I live with my mother-in-law (monster-in-law more like it) and she is constantly opening my husband's mail! talk about no privacy. there is really no reason for this either I mean sh*t its not like we have ever went through her mail the countless times she has been gone on trips and we got the mail. I just don't get it but its super annoying.


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  • she still sees your hubby as a kid... you married a mummy boy...his mum will always come first...

    • Jumping into conclusions? really? Maybe they are having financial troubles idk. With this economy, its better to live or be called a momma's boy than a homeless person.

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    • my husband has already done stuck by my side in past arguments with his mother she knows where he will stand. (not by her) even HER own brother told her you know he won't stand by you now he has a wife. He also feels the same way about the mail issue

    • i'm not trying to be nasty... because I was in the exact same position... the hubby will say anything to please his wife and make her happy because he sees it as his duty...but on the other hand he will or won't confront his mum depending on the issues...we ended up moving out , it was the only way...

  • That's annoying

    Did you talk to her about it

    • yes he talked with her about it and she completely ignores the issue.

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    • very soon!

    • Good luck :)

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