Please help? am I overreacting for being angry at my fiance

My fiance? I haven't said anything to him yet because I want to make sure I'm not overreacting. My fiance and I have been together for 3 years but 6 months ago I had to return to my hometown because my father is very ill and I wanted to be here to care for him. I will be going back to our home by spring most likely. Now my fiance couldn't come due to work and we are saving to buy a home so fiances are very limited I have not seen him at all other than Skype :( this has obviously strained our relationship but we are determined to make it through. My fiance and I decided we would meet halfway at a resort destination (about 1500 miles for each of us) at the end of this month. We are both flying and I thought we would have a nice romantic time together since its been strained and it's nearly his birthday. However he told me today that he invited his friend to go and hang out. This infuriates me! We have been apart all this time and I want to spend every minute with him. Sounds selfish if we saw each other everyday but 6 months apart and he wants to hang with a friend too? He says its because he wants to have fun for his birthday. I don't want to ruin his birthday but if he wants to hang with a friend during the day and just **** me at night then I'm not going. He said he wanted me to care for my father so it's not like he was against it. Am I right to be mad? I feel we really need alone time but it is his birthday weekend too


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  • It greatly depends on wither or not this trip was planned out as a romantic getaway. If you made it clear you thought it was going to be a romantic vacation and he brought a buddy, yeah, that seems pretty stupid to me and you have a right to be upset. On the other hand, if that was never brought up, it's entirely possible he just saw it as you guys spending some time together and he didn't see his friend as a problem. This could definitely be true if you all used to hang together a lot when you were still with him at home. I would have to know more.

    • I told him I wanted to make it special for him so I asked what he wanted to do and his reply was to spend every minute with me. And initially he kept referring to "us" going now he's saying "i" like he will say when I get there I'm gonna do...or he will say him and his friend. I'm just really upset we need this time alone and now I feel like the third wheel since he just kerps talking about him and his friend and now they are actually going a few days before I do

    • If you didn't specifically say you wanted it to be a romantic vacation, there was always the possibility of him getting the wrong idea. You saying you wanted to make it special for him might mean in his mind that this trip is all about him and what he wants to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure most guys would have understood your meaning but some dudes are f***ing retards :) If its not too late I would tell him exactly how you feel. He might just not realize what he's doing.

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  • i think he was expecting to have a relaxed fun birthday with people he cares about you and his mate. I would be a bit miffed but not going would DEFINATELY strain the relationship.

  • I think you're being selfish and over reacting, but I would forgive it because of the stress you're going through with your father.


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