Fiance hates kissing me

ever since we have been together my fiance hates kissing me, and when we do kiss she shoves her tongue down my throat and its disgusting, plus there is no spark or any type of fireworks when we hug and kiss.

She told me she is a hugger not a kisser.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Please help :(


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  • UGH sounds awful I would break up if I were you. If there's no spark there's really nothing you can do about it. Life is way too short to waste your time on someone who isn't right for you. Find someone who is just as excited by you as you are by them.

    • Thank you! I have been thinking this for a while now.

      I tried ending it with her but she started crying and made me feel really really bad... Is it wrong to end the relationship via text!?

      Thanks again.

    • No prob sorry you are going through this. Yeah since you guys are engaged she def deserves a face to face break up. Just be very direct w her and don't back down. Make it quick and to the point and then get outta there so she can't try and talk ya outta it. To have a healthy relationship you need all the necessary ingredients. Love, trust, respect, communication, and chemistry. If any of those are missing then you will just have an uphill battle. Good luck I hope you find what you're lookin for:)

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  • Do you think it's the best idea to marry a woman with whom you have no attraction?

    You need to communicate with her and figure out why you two both think this. What can you change? Without this communication, what kind of a relationship do you have?

  • I don't think she has very much experience

    move on if no spark though


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  • I think she doesn't want to get physical that much.

  • Do you guys even have sex? She might not be attracted to you physically. If that's so, you need to run away right now. She could be into you just for your money or some other hidden reason. A girl should love to kiss you and if doesn't, she might be using you or have some really deep emotional issues that prevent her getting closer to you. Honestly, you need to answer the questions above and update your question. This is a serious issue!