What EXACTLY makes a girl non marriage material?

I have seen so many women on here being called sloppy seconds, hoes, and sluts because they had asked a question about an item of clothing they wanted to buy or a long term monogamous friends with benefits relationship.

Is it...

How many sexual partners she's had?

The way she dresses?

The fact that she admits to having just a sexual relationship with someone?

I'm not trying to get people riled up... I'm just curious.


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  • Maybe I'm more level headed about this, but for me, the things that make me not want to marry a girl is pretty much what make me not want to date a girl. If I can't trust her, like she's a liar or way too shady somehow. If she's way too hung up on her ex. If she's cheated before... on anyone, because to me that says she's not very trustworthy. Things like that. I don't care how many guys (and/or girls) she's been with, before me. I don't care how she dresses. I don't care if she's been with other people.

    I don't slut-shame just because she was with someone else. That's madness! The past is the past. Especially, since so many of the people who get stupid about that kinds of stuff you listed, are gust hypocrites. I'm betting nearly all of them are. With a few virgin fundies as exceptions. I'm betting nearly all of them have had a few previous relationship, one night stands, the odd encounters where things don't go according to plan.

    People like that, are just idiots, hypocrites, and basically just assholes, probably insecure, asking themselves, "Do I measure up?", "was his dick bigger?" or "was he better than me?" and choose instead of letting that crap go, or dealing with the issue, they just project and say things like "sloppy seconds" "ho" "slut" just because of their own petty, weak-willed insecurities. These people are not worth it. Write them off as whatever you want, about as easily as those stupid fucks will likely do to others. They're not worth your time, energy, or tears.

    These are my thoughts on it.

    • Thinking about it some more, I think a girl too obsessed with material possessions, money, and wealth are kind of a red flag. Especially the greedy ones who want to be spoiled rotten, or treated like a princess. The reason this can ward me off, is because it gives the impression that money matters more than I do. What would that mean? Will she divorce me and take me to the cleaners? Will she leave as soon as things get rough? Will I have to pay her to be and stay my wife? Where's the love there?

    • Oh, someone disagrees! What a shocker. Does the person who voted me down have a retort? Does said person have the guts or intelligence to argue or tell me why, or is it just that your ego bruised, and you have no thoughts, just petty disagreement because you say so?

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  • history of cheating

    lies too much (not talking about white little lies, but even white lies may be bothersome)

    you feel you can't trust her

    does drugs

  • depends on her personality an how mature she acts.

    Some women simply aren't wife material, No matter how hard they try.

    I'm talking bout the Lazy, sleep all day, don't want to do nothing type women.

  • A lady who is marriage material is loyal, committed , understanding, mature.

    These qualities make any person marriage material... not just ladies..

    in regards to sexual history and behavior .. I think it has to do with men not settling in properly with the modern age . for thousands of years men have oppressed women.. now women are gaining their rights and being assertive.. many men have not caught up with that .. some are trying to cope.. some are confused while trying to cope..May be its biology that wants them to find a place for their seed where less men have been before.. may be they don't like you wearing skimpy clothes because of the attraction you will get.

    You just have to find the an that can keep up with you . And I am not saying this in a negative way .. it is just a fact that women are now as equal as men and they are raising the bar for men on many fronts.


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