Florida Accuses Man of Fraud For Taking Wife’s Name, Then Backs Off


Bah, sexism. Sexism towards both genders in this way. If a man wants to change his last name to the woman's cause he doesn't mind it, who cares? It's his life. And why should a woman have to take the man's name or be the only one allowed? Oye... sexist stupidity.

But maybe someone can see some reason for it and I'd be curious why. What do you think about the law?

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  • I was a wedding officiant in Hawaii and proformed over a thousand weddings in that state. Though less common, I had a few men take their wives names, and also had a few couples where both the husband and wife used a hyphen and each took both names. It is completely legal in that state. It is a matter of personal choice.

  • That Department of Motor Vehicles just wanted attention.

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