What would you do if you had limited money for a wedding

But both you and your boyfriend want to get married?

I'm in this situation, finding a job and he's got a job

we both wish to get married.

what are some cost effective tips out there?

we have photographers and florist in our families.

help please.



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  • Dont make a party!..n if you want a party get godmothers and godfathers for everything..us Mexicans do that and it saves a whole bunch of money..like the expensive stuff have a few of those for one thing..it helps

  • Maybe you can wear a wedding dress one of your relatives used, or buy a used dress. If it's only been worn once, then it should still be in good condition and will be cheaper than buying an expensive new one. Try to keep the amount of guests small. Family of course, and only your closest friends. Have a friend or something dj for you, or higher a local band (or a band that isn't famous yet) who will play your favorite songs for cheap and are good. If you have any relatives or good friends that have a house with a big backyard, you can have a pretty wedding in their backyard so you don't have to rent somewhere to have it at. Just decorate with flowers from your relative and some twinkly lights or something to make it pretty.

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