What's the most romantic marriage proposal you've ever heard of or witnessed?

Or even experienced if you were so lucky? don't spare any details :P


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  • I don't know if my marriage proposal is romantic, but it was memorable and fun.

    On our 11th anniversary we went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate the evening together and my wife brought up the idea of marriage in the car.

    I told her that I wasn't ready for it yet, but maybe another 4 years when we celebrate our 15th anniversary. Her eyes popped open with disbelief and she started to look into the darkness, well as you can guess our dinner was pretty silent and she was short with me the whole time.

    After dinner I asked her if she wanted to stroll on a nearby pier in the moonlight, she nodded and we were off, we strolled and I held her hand and comforted her, we were heading to a house at the end of the pier.

    There were some people there already also enjoying the cool river breeze and nice moonlight, we sat down on a bench and she just ignored me looking into the gloom, I then went into my jacket pocket and took out the proposal ring box, I said if can ask her a question, then I popped to one knee took the box from behind my back opened it and ask her if she would do me the honors to marry me and of course become my wife, she bursts into tears and said yes.

    I grabbed her waist and kissed her and we got an applause of the surrounding crowd around us, who kept silent the whole time hahaha.

    She was so happy and forgave me for totally fooling her and making her second guess me. lol


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  • Oh I also know of the marriage proposal of a cousin of mine.

    Her now husband took her on vacation to Aruba and took her to a secluded beach on the west part of the island where the sun sets beautifully. He told her that they were looking for some special secluded beach restaurant lol.

    Timing was everything during his proposal, because he wanted the sun just right like it was sinking in the sea a whole arrange of colors in the sky. Well he got what he wanted, stepped in front of her dropped to one knee, showed her the box, opened the box and asked her if she would marry him.

  • in high school some kid took his girlfriend up in a plane and wrote will you go to prom with me using flowers on the ground

  • My dad told my step mom that if she went and made dinner that he would marry her. She asked if he was for real, and he told her to embark on a kitchen voyage to find out. She made dinner and he went for it.

    • Smart move, now she associates the kitchen and making food for him with a stable marriage :p