Engagement rings: change the designs and meaning or exchange it for something else?

Me and my ex fiancé called off our engagement about half year ago. We are still friends and he doesn't want the rings back because he doesn't know what to do with them. I was thinking of sending it back to the jewellers and getting the designs changed and turning the significance into a friendship ring or idk. Do you think it could change what it was originally meant to be? Will my future boyfriend find this unacceptable? He is currently seeing someone new so not sure how she'd feel about it. We have both moved on but I feel it's such a waste to throw it away or even pawn it. Not sure what I can do with them. Change them for earrings or a bracelet? We can do that over here I think. Opinions please.


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  • I think you should exchange them for something else. Take them to a reputable jeweler and ask what they will give you for it money wise and then exchange them for credit.

    • Ok. That's the best solution right? Thanks.

    • Or you could use the money to get him a present, something that he could use. Make sure you go to a jeweler because the pawn shops will rip you off.

    • I'll go with exchanging it for something else if he doesn't mind. Initially he did agree changing them to friendship rings would be a good idea but now that I think of it again, it might cause complication with our new SO in future.

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  • You could turn yours into a necklace and let him do with his what he wants to do.

    • Good idea too but it comes in a set... I'll go check it out. Thanks for the idea!

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