The girlfriend says she wants to be my wife but how do I propose?

The girlfriend is dead confident that I'm the one she wants to marry, also she told me she that an engagment ring is just a ring, she said when the time does come to propose though, to give her £20 for the ring she bought on her work break when I was with her instead, wans a nice ring tbh though I just think its too cheap for what I was originally going to pay, I don't know what id have paid but somewhere in the haundreds, anyway, how to I propose and what to propose with? Lol she is the one, always has been always will be, please help me :)


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  • Err..well...let's see here...

    You should call her up and tell her you're taking her out to dinner and then while you're there you propose to her with the ring she bought on her work break (get ahold of it somehow ask her if you can wear it for one day and then use it to propose to her) and then later on pay her back the £20 if she asks you to but it'd be kinda awkward but you could ask her if there's anything she wants from the store and get her a present with that or something I don't know but a girl likes being flourished with gifts but your girl sounds like she is like me, a girl who likes getting stuff, but if it's very expensive or fragile she's afraid she'll mess it up or something. oh and you wanna know how to propose well you get on one knee and say'' [Yourgf'sname] Will you marry me?'' its simple. I bet you guys are cuttttee together! :D Good Luck!



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