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My new boyfriend was a kid I knew back in H. S and we recently have been dating for a month. I haven't seen him since 2002 before that. Anyway we both feel like relationship is moving mad fast and jokingly he brings up marriage and kids a lot. at least 5-7 times in a month.the day we started going out he even mentioned a family gathering and wanted to come to my dance competition. Now why is this? I thought guys were the opposite of mentioning that stuff?


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  • When a guys plans dates and future activities with you, he's totally into you. And he's obviously really interested. He doesn't even have to be a romantic guy. If he wants to spend time with you and makes it happen, you should just take it happily because it's his way of letting you know he cares :)


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  • Take it from a guy who loves being romantic and is interested in this stuff.

    The guy likes you! And BIG-TIME.

    I mean, maybe it's not what you have in mind at the moment, but he really likes you and dreams of a future with you.

    Don't let it turn you off, it's just a way of saying that we really care and love someone.

    • He doesn't even act romantic at alll in any way. that's why its weird but he always goes "man imagine I accidentally made you PG? the kid would be cute" or "if we eever got married etc" and "if we end up living together, lets have lots of animals"

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    • Sometimes lol

    • Haha, well, it's worth a shot.

      Keep it up with him and maybe something very special will come out of it. =]

      Warm regards!

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  • He wants a future with you... Simple~