Guys:How do you feel about this video about marriage and black women?


I thought it was funny, but who do you agree with more, I agree with the little man because this place is still pretty racist. As a black women I know that their are "statuses" and even though I truly don't believe in the intentions revolving them..I believe that years of racism have not died down, they just prolonged in subtle ways. I don't think that most men like the features of black women..but will surely use any woman for sex...I am now fixated on foreign men, but who do you agree with more.

Do yo think that the girl is disillusioned or the male?


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  • I remember seeing that video quite a while ago. I agreed with her.

    You keep saying this sh*t about foreign men. What's keeping you exactly? Why haven't you left yet?

    • I am sad about other black women, the seem to be lonely ..not just asking these questions for me I care about them, but they still want to date USA men.

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    • If you are who I think you are, you're not trying to gain insight. You're trying to force your opinions on others. Maybe you just want to complain to people over and over and over again.

    • no I talk about what I think the elephant in the room and I just want think in my other questions when white and black men answered...I was mad or thought otherwise. No, just want to know more reasons so I could help other grow

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