Got the number, now what?

So I got her number - now what do I do with it? Call her up and say what?

I want to date her, and see where it goes from there.

Thanks for the replies. Here's some more info:

- You may assume I met her at a say the library, after a class or at a club- like where I only have had a couple of minutes to talk and want to know more
A couple of comments as well:

- I liked what EasyEC said, about mentioning something unique about that girl when you call her next - so what topics that usually set girls apart ? - it must be something that I can ask her in 2 minutes of meeting her
Comments (contd)

- another quick note, when leaving responses, please don't be vague and say "low-pressure activity" (need specifics). Examples I already know: movie, bowling, dinner, museum, going to the park/swings (apparently that is popular?!)


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  • You should slow it down a notch lol You just got her number I wouldn't jump in too seriously you might get hurt. Wait a couple days so she doesn't think you're too desperate then call her. See how she's doing and ask her if she would like to go out to dinner or to something more casual such as bowling. Let her decide. Let her be the one to show you how much attention she wants. Go off of what she does. If she calls you or seems to want to talk everyday after then its ok, but no more then once for you.

    • Couple of things:

      - "Let her decide." - I don't know. I have found that girls like it better when the guy has a plan and is in charge. I'd tell her my plan and give her a chance to back out if she doesn't like the plan, and listen to what she has to say. Is this what you meant?

      " Let her be the one to show you how much attention she wants." - ?? Am I supposed to not call the next day/couple of days later? Is the ball in her park now?

    • Yea I meant don't limit her to what you strictly want to do. A lot of times a girl won't admit that she doesn't want to do something, we'll just say that's fine whatever you wanna do. As for calling her don't wait all week or anything, but give her a day or two to think about you and wonder a little bit about what's going to happen next. Then call. Be sure you use her name when you talk to her, it will make her stand out. She'll think wow he remembered.

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  • wait a day or so then call her and ask her if she wants to hang out. do something relaxed like bowling, coffee, or a walk around the park. for some reason guys will call me and 4get 2 tell me who they are. make sure you do that.


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  • The number is a way to continue whatever bonding/conversation experience that was developing. If that is what you did, try to find a low-pressure spot/activity in which you can continue to bond.

    If you just talked to her for 2 minutes and got it, expect her to flake or not pick up. She doesn't know anything about you except that you probably only care about her looks. If you get a voice-mail, mention something interesting about her (that sets her apart from other girls) that attracted you to her, along with a proposal for some way to get to know her better through conversation.

    Unless you have been talking to her for a while already, don't use the word "date." These days, the word causes too much pressure in the girl. Propose a plan to her and give her (pre-set) options for dates you two can meet. If she's busy but interested in you, she will attempt to reschedule.

    If you just got her number, don't even think about wanting to date her right now. You have NO idea how she's like and what she'd be like in a dating relationship. Your goal should be to find out more about her. It is important you have some sort of deeper goal because your body language will just give you away anyways.