I want more, but how do I tell him?

Ok so me an my boyfriend are both 18 an have been together for about 6 months. We get along really well and we both love each other to death, we are even considering marriage. He is a very respectful and sweet guy but the thing is, in the beginning we both talked about sex and I told him I wanted to wait till marriage ,and he was fine with that believe it or not we are both virgins) but now that we have been together for longer, I want to do other stuff, not necessarily sex, but just "messing around" I guess, but I don't know how to tell him I know he wants more also, but because of what I said, he won't say anything or do anything. How can I tell him or hint it?


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  • Simply voice it out to him. Tell it to him in a gentle and nice way.

    Guys are sometimes oblivious to hints.

    Or you can take initiative as well. If you want him to take you out to movies, then take him out to movies.


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  • Just tell him, but state clearly what you are willing to do. That way you still have control of limits.